BLEURGHair: The Estelle Side Sweep

Yes! I've been at it again. I'm not even gonna try and justify this cos you guys know just how chameleon like I am with my mane. I bore easy...sue me! Here's a BLEURGHair of my new haircut.
So I was a rebel and threw all caution to the wind and styled my bangs above my eyebrows. If you watched The Mushroom Cut vleurgh, you'll know just how annoying I find high-top fringes! With this swarm of sheep that LOVE to dress like they're trapped in a time-warp, all I see around me are 1920's (or whatever era THAT was popular) fringes that sit so uncomfortably above the brow. But hey! To each their own right....*insane side eye*
I wanted a style that flattered my bone structure more, as I felt The Mushroom Cut was far too masculine for my face. Especially as I predominantly don androgynous looks to work (8-4, 5 days a week...yup!), I wanted a hairstyle that expressed a feminine side to me, in contrast to my attire. I let my sister braid in the circular braid pattern this time, as on taking out the self-braids, I realised just why the world of hairdressers existed! DISASTER! LOL...after which I proceeded to sew in 8" & 10" weave. This time, I added a bit of colour, but nothing too wild (like my Minaj ombre'd BLEURGHair...oh dear!). When all the sewing was done, I brushed my hair, as though I were to wrap it for the night, and cut the sides using scissors and a razor comb to give it that natural touch.
Inspiration for this BLEURGHair came from just about anyone and everyone initially. But when I was looking at images, I stumbled upon my Grad Hair BLEURGH and remembered seeing Carey Mulligan rocking a crop quite like the one I had in mind. But I didn't quite like the way the entire bob sat above her head like a I kept searching.
Tbh, the one person that stuck to my mind as mentioned in The Mushroom Cut vleurgh, was Estelle. I like the way the side tapers down near her ear, and feel that throws a feminine spin on it. Love how she experimented with colour, that'll probably be my next bet....but who knows?

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Snip Snip Snip, clip those tresses & give those bangs a side flip. Xisses