BLEURGHair - The Toni Cut

Hola booskis! This post is a tad usual! But as I mentioned before, I had been natural for 2 years and after weave in-weave out, I decided to give my hair a break for a WHILE! I've wanted to go short for over a year now and ever since I tried a short crop weave, all my friends can say when I switch up my locks is..."you really should cut your hair, short hair REALLY suits you". So after much hesitation & fear, I decided to bite the bullet and cut my hair.

Now, I really didn't want to walk into the salon with a "Rihanna cut" in mind as I didn't wanna walk out feeling discontent....or with fire red dye on my scalp (trust me...i've seen a few victims of that disaster). So I hit up google and searched Black iconic crops from Nia Long to Regina King. The options were endless...and after thining 'em down to Keisha Cole, and google mistakenly propping up an image of Toni Braxton instead, it was a done-deal. I was in love!
In love with Toni's wispy side-sweep...ideal for Spring/ Summer!! I showed my hairdresser the look and she was pleased with my choice. Gollie! I love that woman but she is a demon with a pair of scissors! She was like the black Edward Scissorhands....SHEESH! But here's the finished cut...
Apologies for the hazy photography skills but these were all taken from the frontal lens of my iPhone4...vanity in a box!
Tryna pose with The Toni Cut is HARD as hell cos I'm not quite used to it yet....but everyone seems to love it thus far. Thanks for all the YouTube love!! Posted a video ( of the metamorphosis of the cut from afro to the Toni Cut so check it out (that way you can see what the back looks like as my hairdresser scarily whipped out CLIPPERS...yer! I got a shape-up *eeeek*) and don't forget to Like & sub....Love you guys! And don't hesitate to tell me what you think!

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! The Big Chop was not a big flop afterall. Xisses

Lent is FINALLY over and now I can blog-hop past midnight, fully indulge in retail and eat out until I can speak Limitless languages to restaurant servers from all different countries (btw i LOVED that movie so much I saw it twice in the cinema....eek!). Seeing as I'm over 200+ Blogger followers (thanks so much for all the support and 50+ Youtube subbies) I've decided to host a blogsale! Over the Lent month I clocked SO much that I'd bought and just never got round to wearing and cos I've lost a few inches in certain bits, some brand new things just don't fit right thought it'd be lovely to give them to respectable BLEURGH lovers instead who'll treat my babies with care. So watch out....BLEURGHSale post coming soon