BLEURGHair - Minaj Ombre

WOW! Can't even blame my bad blogger behaviour (alliteration unintentional LOL...guess i got it like that) on being busy cos quite honestly, I haven't been up to much. *sigh*
Went to London about a fortnight ago to get my hair done cos that mop had to GO! As you could tell from my Vleurgh, where i tucked it into the back of my fur just had to gets the stepping!! Oddly enough, I wasn't craving a style like I usually am. I just knew I'd had enough of the mountain that is my forehead and wanted to go back to long for a while as well. And I guess I wasn't quite over the Ombre in steps some BLEURGHair Inspiration. All images are from specific searches from Google
I saw this image and knew immediately that I was still lusting over the Ombre effect. Don't you just love this illustration? Dunno if I'd ever go plum....but if I did *side eye*
Love the whispy ends and the haggered look. Loved this look but wasn't too keen on the shade as the last colour (#27 if anyone cared) did not quite compliment my skin tone in the way I hoped so I wanted to go PLATINUM blonde this time.
 I always have wispy fringes but this time I wanted a razor sharp cut like Nicki Minaj's infamous bangs. I love how well it sits but I wanted it to whisk across my eyes giving me a darker, more mysterious look than Minaj's innocent cut.
 Immediately I saw this, I knew this was the kind of blonde I wanted!! Its a shame the top looks too much like a wig....but I do love it though. Exactly what i wanted!!
If you haven't seen Leona Lewis' new look, you must have been lounging under a rock for this past month. I absolutely LOVE it! I am dead sick of her uber sweet, butter won't melt public image...BLEURGH! I LOVED this darker look on her since her i-D magazine cover (Nov 2008)...blonde on her is fugz and fake, if you ask me (which you probably didn't). But this was the length of fringe I wanted....lush!
In the salon, about to get blowdried and styled. When my weaver was working on the blonde (#60 - Premium Now), everyone in the store, including my hairdresser, looked in shock and disgust. When I was at this stage, people were bending over backwards and craning their necks to see. This lady even changed her style to look like mine. Love it!
What do you bleurgher-boos think? You likey?
Love how it looks like, accessorised with an on-season trilby/ fedora. Can't wait for the sun to be beaming in full-force! EEK!!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Swish your tresses with pride. Xisses