BLEURGHair: The Mushroom Cut

Hola! So (as you guys saw in my Graduation post) I changed my mind on what hairstyle to rock on graduation day....and now, I guess. Changing my mind from the original plan to don the Kelis Do, I strayed away from exposing the shaved sides and back of my hair, and opted for what I'm naming 'The Mushroom Cut'.
Its all well & good flashing the shaved sides now...but I was thinking about my professional future and how it'd look having my pic sitting on my desk 25 years from now, and the impression my mane would have on others. I just don't wanna look irresponsible. Especially as 3/4 pictures end up in some home or the other in Nigeria (I have quite a huge extended family & my grandma is building quite the collection lol).
 It was initially inspired by the Queen of the short mane, Rihanna. I abruptly awoke from slumber one evening, with the image of her in her pre-pubescent style rocker dress in 'Shut Up & Drive', but upon google'ing it, I discovered that bob was actually jaw-length. I kept scrolling down, however, and discovered her rocking a style more similar to the one I had in mind. I wasn't so keen on these images 'cos I thought the mushroom atop her shaved sides were too cropped, so I kept searching.
 Dawn Richards' was the money maker! I spotted Mary J Blige, Fantasia, Keri Hilson & more....but apart from Ri-Ri, she's the only one that rocked it to my taste. I actually love how clean and demure it looks on her, except it DOES look a bit wiggish in the centre image. Its a style that suits the shaved bits of my hair quite well, and masks the bits that are now growing out quite 'fro-like.
 I initally intended to go to the salon to get it per usual. But after taking my hair out at like, MIDNIGHT, I pondered on the prospect of squandering £35 for my hairdresser to braid in about 4 tracks of hair on the top of my head. Does that really make sense? NO! But silly me...I can't braid to save my life! But thank God for my Aunty Youtube...I learn everything from there (and my other Aunty Google ofcourse....wisest family members I know). I braided a circular pattern and then wove in 14" body wave (all i had left in the house), before straightening, snipping ans styling. I love the final look....what do you guys think?

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Cropped mushroom atop my head, enroute the professional future doth my mind stay geared. Xisses


  1. Nice hair I had this last summer and I loved it. I think I'm gonna to back to it again.

  2. I love this look on you. It looks so chic. I wonder If my hair is long enough to do a sew in like this.


  3. OMG cant believe u did it yourself!!!!!!!!! you did a really good job wouldnt have thought.

  4. @Bombchell I KNOW! I can't believe it either....even perfected the closure on my 1st try. Tres proud of myself.

    Thanks guys...& @MadameSting, its true though. I might be 'cool' now, but I'll be the office clown for a while dontcha think? LOL

  5. OMG!! NO WAY you did that yourself *dies*
    this style suits you ALOT, most time I have a mushroom/bowl weave its a bloody brilliant style.

    Jen xx

  6. wow I can't believe you did it yourself! That's amazing & it suits you well.

  7. I love your hair! I've wanted to get a mushroom/pixie cut for ages now but I always chicken out

  8. Had my mushroom haircut today..Lavs eet..was actually motivated by ur video..been looking to try out sth different with my hair and i'm glad i stumbled on ur video...U look fab by the way..x

  9. My best friend love this cut!