Turning ON my OFFicewear

Having SERIOUS issues with the work folk and the heating temperature. It GRATES me (and some of my Twitter followers) just how cold it is in the office. I mean, how am I supposed to work efficiently AND look stylish, if all I can care about in the mornings is piling on adequate layers, and providing my bones with as much insulation with highstreet cotton as I can? *sigh*
Anywho, this post comes at a time when i feel like I have hit a brick wall. For any new graduate who's bagged a decent job and is in the same predicament as me, I'm calling on YOU fellow bloggers to lend a helping hand...
(1) Shirt : GAP | Peglegs : Market (Croydon) | Pumps : Charlotte Russe
(2) Silk Shirt & Belt : Thrifted (Wales) | Peglegs : Market (Croydon) | Oxford Brogues : Dorothy Perkins
Satchel : Oasis
(3) Leopard Print Shirt : H&M | Belt : Thrifted (Wales) | Studded Pumps : Urban Outfitters | Satchel : Oasis
Mute what the fashion magazines and blogs deem 'appropriate' workwear cos it just aint true (apologies for that atrocious slaughter of the English language....aint? *bows head in shame*). Mini skirts, colour-blocking, Shorts, wedges....unless you are working in an actual FASHION house or its higshstreet equivalent, that ish is NOT for you hunny. The reality is, no matter what I wear, I feel too overdressed seated next to the drab middle aged lady who probably didn't even bother to shower before popping on her nearly talcumpowdered off-white belly suck-in briefs and age-old LBD... (thats actually not a personal reference *coughs*...just trying to paint a picture for you guys)
Moral of the story? I do NOT want to end up like that in a matter of weeks or a lifetime! I'm already (as you can see from the pics above) resulting to a tried-and-tested uniform of shirts, peglegs and flats....BORING! Anyone of you Bleurgher Boos got any ideas for how to spruce up workwear (and PLEASE, no dumb suggestions like try a lace shirt 6 inch heels....the key word is WORKwear)?
I see so many women fall into a routine, and very soon you'll see me with no makeup, rocking the same trousers in different colours daily. YUCK! 
(1) Neck Candy : Dorothy Perkins | Cardigan & Belt : Thrifted (Wales) | Top : Primark | Satchel : Oasis
Peglegs : Market (Croydon) | Pumps : Primark
(2) Silk Shirt : Primark | Peglegs : Market (Croydon) | Belt & Loafers : Thrifted (Wales) 
Satchel : Blanco (Gran Canaria)
(3) Blazer & Belt : Thrifted (Wales) | Neck Candy : Dorothy Perkins | Top : Ethel Austin | Satchel : Oasis
Paperbag-Waist Peglegs : ASOS | Pumps : Primark
I think thats the issue with women. I have fallen victim to it, so I'm not preaching but speaking nothing but the truth when I testify to just how easy it is to get lazy with the looks & stick to routine. The appearance is first to be kicked to the curb, then its the lady-like mannerisms that are shot out of the window. Does that veil of ignorance EVER need to be slipped off like a bride at the alter? I'm not too sure. All I know is I am in dire need of a shot of spice on the rocks to break me from this funk captivity. HELP!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! I need your help to turn up the heat in the office in more ways than one. Xisses