Having it all...

"what do you do when you've wished for one thing for SO long, but you don't just receive it once, but in multiples?"
Watching the finale episode of 'Single Ladies', that question crossed my mind, as it often does from time to time. Most girls growing up, going through that awkward/ ugly duckling faze, often wish they could grow up and blossom into beautiful young ladies who guys find attractive. Fast-forward a few years (hopefully by now, the superior female mentality would have matured enough to realise that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder), and not only are you approached by one guy, but plagued by a swarm of suitors.
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Its easy to fall into the trap of just giving into male attention (kinda like Val did - Single Ladies reference), and just bask in as much flattery as is tossed your way. But for some, this newly acquired spotlight will be overwhelming. It can take one by storm and whisk them off their senses..."its the lights, you're blinded by the action, you need that!" - Hollywood JayZ ft Beyonce. Quite like (yes, I'm a newbie....take it easy on me) the child-like tomboy Royce in Basketball Wives, where the thirst for more male attention pushes her to pure tomfoolery.
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Looking back at growth into womanhood, I can relate to women like Royce and Val (although I'm more like Keisha as I'm described by my girlfriends as a maneater). Silly mistakes have been made, but we live and we learn. I wont drop down low & flash those Royce-like moves NOW cos quite honestly, I'm grown! What you learn as you grow is that men may love the thrill of catfights, but no man wants to settle down with a wild cat.
The wild lifestyle belongs with youth, and I am forever thankful that I spread my wings when I did....but with the escape from the cage comes judgment. Misconceptions are reached by prematurely boxing up one's character into a stereotype & thats where the problem lies. Royce quite frankly got schooled...and the lesson was well-founded. As much fun as it must have been for her to liberate her body and get crunk on the dancefloor, life is NOT about living for just you, 'cos there are domino effects to all actions.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Take a step back when you're handed it all, 'cos one too many steps and you're guaranteed to fall. Xisses