Menswear Mondays: The Collarless Shirt

I've been meaning to start this segment for FOREVER! I love a dapper man sporting chinos and a clean shape-up....but the thing I love more than men themselves....? MENSWEAR! I LOVE wearing Menswear, and lucky me, the androgynous trend is all the rage this season. The idea behind this fortnightly segment is me sporting the latest male trends and discussing male issues, or questions posed by my male readers (perhaps shedding some insight into how women think in contrast to the male mentality). So its literally like a feminine spin on menswear, or me embodying a male for a day (don't fear, I'm not going through any identity issues).
 Collarless Shirt : ZARA (Menswear) | Belt : Primark | Paperbag Peglegs : ASOS | Watch : Citizen
Bag : **Sister's | Brogue Heels : **Sister's 
The collarless shirt, quite like a spineless shirt, is metaphorical for a man with no backbone. This post is being drafted at the same time as my hometown, Croydon, goes up in flames as the result of ignorant youths' gratuitous rioting. Their sheeplike behaviour is unacceptable! Social media avenues such as Twitter and BBMs are being blamed for such a shameless uprising... WHY? I blame the youths themselves, for allowing themselves to get carried away by the words of a few, to cause such great chaos in London. They are blinded to the consequences of their actions, whether it be the fact that faces caught on CCTV and civilians' phone cameras facing prosecution, or the rise in council tax to fix the mess they are causing. Council tax that THEY will have to pay when they start working....dumbness! And this is all a result of a dumb (condolences to the families of the man murdered) police shooting in Tottenham?!? I mean....CROYDON?? How does that even connect? I blame that dumb initiative to link West Croydon (the ghetto and disgrace of Croydon) to Central/ North London....*kmt*
Women love a man that can speak his mind, and stand his ground. Not a fool that on being beckoned by his Uni-drop out commander, flees to cause mindless destruction. These idiots aren't thinking of the families who own these stores as a means of supporting their kids through school, or the working class slave whose livelihood depends on a night shift commute in the car that was just burned to ashes. Its ridiculous, selfish, and too ignorant to get much more of my air time. *sigh*

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Croydon's Burning, what a shame! Xisses