Gidi Up

Happy Independence Day to my Nigerian readers! I thought it fitting to rave about my current obsession; Gidi Up. Gidi Up is an NdaniTV Nigerian-based TV/Web series chronicling the lives of four young Nigerians (Tokunbo, Eki, Obi and Yvonne) on their career, relationship and just general grind in Lagos.The title was snatched from Lagos' nickname, Las Gidi. And with the production quality rivalling scenic views of its American counterpart, Las Vegas, Gidi Up depicts an aesthetically beautiful Lagos that makes it so hard to look away. It is a far cry from its Nollywood counterparts, and much like An African City (post coming soon), it showcases a young Africa and the plight of those returning from diaspora or with a thirst for a better Africa, making the most of their circumstances to strive for a better tomorrow for Nigeria and themselves. Upon watching the Season 2 finale, I decided to draft a thematic review, in true BLEURGH enjoy.
Crop Top (BIY) : ZARA | Ankara Skirt : Designers' Market Place (Abuja)
Career: Gidi Up focuses on the grind up the career ladder of young 20-somethings, so you see the characters deal with status frustration, entity envy and sacrificing their morals for the mullah. I'm going through some of those same issues myself, and I have observed my friends and family experience the same. but remember, "you do not need to compromise your faith to find success" DeVon Franklin. I am slowly learning, as are the characters of Gidi Up, that the crawl up the career ladder cannot be achieved overnight. If it is, it can equally be dismantled as quickly as its foundation wasn't solid to begin with. Patience, persistence and prayer are the 3 P's I am choosing to live by, and it is my hope that standing firmly rooted in that, I can withstand the rejection, temptation and distractions that are sure to come my way as a result.
Nike Art Gallery @ Lekki (Lagos)
Tinubu Statue @ Marina (Lagos)
The New Afrika Shrine @ Ikeja (Lagos)
Love: All Gidi Up characters have been through their fair share of romance wahala. From aristo (post coming soon) stunting to unplanned pregnancies and date rape. We may not have all been there, but we are sure to know someone that has. I love how realistic the plot lines are. There is a clear steer away from the comical dramatics of Nollywood, and a focus on core issues affecting millennials in Nigeria.
Coral Necklace : Tejiosho Market (Lagos) | Heels : Dorothy Perkins
Familial Support: This is handled excellently as we all know that friends are the family we choose, and 20's is the age where you become life-captain, selecting the team to make the cut for eternity. Family is no longer who you were born into, but those you surround yourself with everyday. Their support, advice and respect is what you live to love each & everyday. Lack thereof is damaging, as can be seen through the demise of friendships and relationships in Gidi Up. Not to mention the age-old question of whether guys and girls can be just friends? That's tackled too.
Gidi Up - Where every dream, has a price. BLEURGH!