BLEURGHair - Retro Rihanna Shave

Hola! As you guys saw from my last post (thanks SO much for all the lovely comments and compliments), I shaved off the sides of my hair! It was a brave move and it took a LOT of guts walking into the barbers and going through with it :)
The look was inspired by these pictures sent to me by my sister (she's living vicariously through me....only a matter of time before she cuts her hair too me thinks) and I fell in love once I set my eyes on it!
Can't wait to add some highlights (thinking brown and a darker shade of blonde than Rihanna is rocking) for the summer. I know its SO cliche going for the short Rihanna look but I just LOVED it & its nice to see some of you guys do too. Already getting some handy tips on how to take care of the sides (which I REALLY appreciate), you guys are just THE best!

Attended my **8Ballz' birthday in Cater Rooms, London, on Saturday. I came down for the week and as it was in Central, I decided to indulge in some much needed girl time with my other **8Baller, JBrit, by having a sleepover.
 It was a joint birthday between **Hansonex and 2 other of her friends (hence the 63 on this gorgeous Hummingbird cake....twas YUM); a private shindig in a plush bar.....yes please.
Neck Candy : Claires' (pendants detached) | Basque : Panache (eBay) | Skirt : H&M
Clutch : Littlewoods | Heels (not photographed) : Miss Selfridge
A lovely girly night...gotta commend the London 'mandem' for turning their swag up on a different par! SHEEEESH!
Style = Dapper
Dance Moves = INTENSE
Choice of Drinks & Conversation = Interesting

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Let's see what this shave of the mane can do for a girl that refuses to be tamed. Xisses