eBLEURGHBay - Round 1

Hey hunnies! To commemorate BLEURGH hitting 200+ followers & 50+ youtube subbies, BLEURGH eBAY STORE NOW CLOSED! 
I'm SO excited as I'm an eBay stan but I've never sold anything on there before so this is all new to me but I want to promise you guys a GREAT service! The first round of things are Spring inspired so lots of shorts and colours ready to be blocked. I had SO much fun creating a Vleurgh LookBook and styling a minishoot for the items...hope you guys are ready?

 Item 8 : Primark Skirt w/ Gold Buttons
Start bidding!!

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Shoppaholics Anonymous have a few new casualties...so lets make the crime worth the time. Xisses

Apologies to all the International readers who messaged complaining they could not bid as the option was only open to UK ebayers. The issue has been resolved thanks to a VERY helpful (I am eternally grateful) reader who directed me. Get bidding...