**Soundtrack of the Minute - Mark Ronson ft Q-Tip : Bang Bang**
As I'm bleurghing this, YaYa is comfortably lounging in the Mariott in Dubai living it up with her family for a few days..miss that old yang (I'm the ying...)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLEURGH!! Here's a video bleurgh of me & YaYa...xisses
:::60 Posts (with this being the 61st)
:::YaYa Bleurgh'd 8 times in total (they say there's wisdom in silence...LOL)
:::First ever BLEURGH was written on 1st Aug 2009 but edited about 5 times via Skype until finally posted
:::*BLEURGH* was initially meant to be a video-only blog inspired by all the wacky videos me & YaYa make in our spare time (Perhaps we'll do Throwback Thursdays & post all the vleurghs from before?)
:::The *BLEURGH* Post to receive the most amount of comments was ironically titled 'Love the Hate'
:::Although *BLEURGH* only has 19 Google Friends/ Blogger followers, its raked in a whopping 16, 816 views to date (proving that you don't have to be a follower to be a fan)---we love you all!!

:::I initially colour coded the outfit tags e.g. if the top was blue, the tag would be too and same applied to the entire outfit...but YaYa just thought we were tagging colours of the rainbow for effect. After which we colour THEME the tags

:::The BLEURGH stamp for photos and heading for the page changed on the 3rd of September 2009 - All Things Dirty bleurgh

:::My favourite *BLEURGH* so far HAS to be The One

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Happy Bleurghday...and toast to another year. Xisses