The One

Whether its clothes, shoes or a man....The One is difficult as hell to find. For my friend's 21st, myself and YaYa decided to burden ourselves with co-ordinated dressing. Needless to say I paraded around town, not once but TWICE (the 2nd time being on my own and relying on excellent Group BBM technology to send pics & get girly feedback) to find the perfect Mono-Sleeved dress...You guys likey?

But then the search for the perfect dress got me pondering on my own current relationship situation. (I am a GREAT ponderer. And if I don't fill my day eating, sleeping or of recent, working....all I can stop but do is sit and THINK....think, think and rethink the last thought! BLEURGH!) So here I am...sitting....thinking....of finding the right 'fit'. I've never been one to be cliche'd or romantic to a fault. But in the same way the ONE dress doesn't pinch at the sides or sag, become unflattering to the shape or waver at an unbenign length. So also must the ONE guy/ girl not make you feel like crap, not make you question 'love', not make you regret the moments you've shared or make you become slightly psychopathically stalkerish (just finished "All About Steve"...good watch but not a must see lol).

Don't get me wrong. Just as I'm not a cliche'd romantic, neither am I a shameless feminist. I'm not claiming men are like dresses, where we can go into a changing room, try it on for fit and if we don't like it, be rid of it. Neither am i comparing relationships to a store's return or exchange policy where if things don't work out, nevermind, there's another product in store more fitting of your taste or ANY of the bull you may jump to concluding I mean. Instead, what I am saying is that there is, there is someONE out there for us. When one has Chris Brown slapped you in the face with bull, there is another that will re-instill hope of love in you.
I'm not saying love is a bed of roses (unless its Valentine's Day and your booboo surprises you with that....well then, that's a different story *winks*). What I'm saying is, life and love are about choices, and when you've made one, stick to it. If you want The One, don't settle for any less....if you broke up with her 'cos she cheated with one of your boys, DON'T take her back! If you wanted to be single and some guy sweeps you off your feet, don't take it as a 'sign'...remain SINGLE! If you had moral standings and religious beliefs and he/ she leads you to question them or tread on them....cut that person off, you knew where you were coming from PRE-loveblindess! Make a choice and stick to it.

YeYe says....BLEURGH!! Don't settle for No.2 when The One is out there, waiting in line. Xisses