All things DIRTY!!

B.I.Y (Bleurgh It Yourself)...I thought I'd start a new segment as I'm always tryna rejuvinate one thing or another in my closet so why not share that with YOU guys (its a blessing so be grateful lol).
Well, my ears. As I have previously revealed, they are NOT my best asset and hoops were NEVR my friend :(
So i dug up an old chain pair (why I purchased it?....i will NEVER know) and channeled the "CHANEL" in me. Well, twas REALLY inspired by my lastest blogsite addiction..."2 Bitches Deep"

LOVED YaYa's shisha bleurgh...had me in hysterics in the toilet (my location is NOT subject to
discussion thankyou very much lol). But as she's done the personal...

WHADDUP WITH HOLLYWOOD?? In 2 Can Playthat Game (starring Vivica A Fox), it was made common knowledge that the time for "showing ur asses" was SPRINGTIME! Hear that?...its getting toAutumn & scandals are at an all time HIGH!!
Check out what I've just dug up....

It's probably common knowledge to ALL "The Hills" fans that Kristen is causing more havoc than good to the clique. Well it seems she's not the only one bringing dirt to a good name. Check out Heidi (formerly Montag) Pratt's cover of Playboy. LC's response: "they [reference to heidi's boobjob] are not going to pay for themselves". Do you guys think that was too bitchy or warranted?...

What kinda MADNESS?!? What isthis whore ON? And why is Aubrey O'Day even still allowed on TV?
"Hitler was a brilliant man"? WTF??? Bleurgh-foolishnesses!!!

Leanne Rimes just cant seem to fight off more than just the moonlight these days. T
his heffer is knee-deep in infidelity drama! Turns out she hooked up with Eddie Cibrian (might know & have
loved him as Cole from Sunset Beach/ lil stints in Ugly Betty & Samantha
Who) who was married...well, they BOTH were. Adultery
makes me judgement, just the Bible told me so (in sing-song tone).

As if all that drama wasn't enough...turns out Shania is
getting married. If you already don't know, her husband cheated on her with her bestfriend. And you will never guess who this messed up heffer's getting hitched to now?....Only her EX-bestfriend's EX-husband...tak about compensation for heartache....EWWW!

FINALLY just cos!
This heffer ANNOYS the crap out of me! She's attention seeking...Lord knows WHY Kanye's dating her or why in the WORLD she's regarded as a model cos she just straight up screams HOE to me...BLEURGH!
She, to ME, just epitomises all things dirty so this post is specially dedicated to the dirtiest chic in the game...Amber Rose.

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Keep your dirty ish in the laundry, if yoy want to air it, then wash it out PRIVATELY first. It's not rocket science people.