First ever **BLEURGH**

Hola Amigos and Bleurghers everywhere ...

This is the first ever Bleurgh post and as my fine counterpart (YaYa) is watching a movie with her mum, I'm here, slaving over the finer details. Guess we already know who the "beauty" and the "brains" are? (ME! I'm both LOL).
Anyways, she may be in a village (KINGSWOOD) but THANK God for technology, 'cos she's helping me via bbm' its TOTALLY a joint effort.
We didn't meet until 2nd Semester (even though we BOTH study Law at University of Manchester) due to SOMEONE's lack of lecture attendance (I point NO fingers) and immediately we met, t'was a match made in heaven (corny?). She's the YING to my YANG, the ANT to my DEC...Back to reality! We've been cool ever since, sharing the highs and lows of being a student, daughter, sister, friend, and for one lucky one...girlfriend...KIDDING! But to round it off, we wanted to share it with U guys...I mean, why not?
Hence BLEURGH = An absolute upchuck of everything from fashion to religion, raves, Entertainment (Hollywood, Nollywood AND Bollywood- HEY! No discrimination) and a hella amount of just our chunky minds...
YeYe says...BLEURGH