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My sister shared this Sun article with me last Saturday, of this Naija dude that's getting hitched to this 65 year old vicar boyfriend and 'cos my mum is generally fascinated with the wonderful world of Skype, she invited herself into our conversation...bless her!

Being the conq' Nigeria that she is,she immediately denied his origin, claiming his name wasn't even real and had to be from Togo or some other randomness, to which my father corrected and cited his origin as a Rivers native...

That got my mind whirling about the growing popularity of homosexuality in our society and how we are increasing becoming desensitized to its stigma in the Western society. Gone are the days of electrocution and aversion therapy (my A Level psychology students will be feeling me there) its all subliminal messages in the media and a clear disgust at the 'ignorance' of those against homosexuality eg an episode of KKTM where Khloe is appalled by the views of a guest on her radio show and proceeds to host a trannie event.

Dont get me wrong, I mean, I'm not a homophobe or anything, but neither am I completely comfortable with the idea. I've had various spats on Twitter concerning it & those championing freedom of sexual expression, are always the ones quick to oppress the views of those who are opposed to the rear-end of that argument (pun-intended).

I get what 'they' mean though...freedom to love who you want, equality and all that glittery jazz. I mean, blacks have done it in the past with proactivists like Malcolm X or Indians through Ghandi and the salt I get why they are so "pow pow pow" about it. Its just sometime, I wish they'd just shut it already....especially the camp ones *rolls eyes*

But it seems all that gay pride parade & flick-wristed empowerment paid off cos after much media coverage and political awareness (as well as several 'Funny or Die' videos thrown into the mix) Prop 8 was successfully passed on August 18th which is only a tiny splodge in the ripple effect this will have worldwide.

Being the OCD'er that I naturally am when I see one thing and want to see them all (Derek Blanks Alter Ego Black Hollywood shoot)...I went NUTS celeb spotting on the NoH8 Campaign's a few I picked plus an extra thrown into the mix. ENJOY xx

I absolutely adore the Simmons sisters and LOVE Angela's shoot the best ofcourse...she REALLY needs to hurry her arse up and setup a blog already....

Vanessa's handcuffed take...kinda like a spin on homosexual oppression being likened to slavery

LOVE Angela's shoot...definitely more in the direction of empowerment and taking action. I'm guessing she's the Malcolm X of the duo and Vanessa's the peaceful Luther lol

Erm...I get what Vanessa's going for here with the 'silence of the lambs' sorta thing, but tbh, I'm quite confused about Angela's role in this shot. What sound is she shutting out exactly?

Vivica...the queen of 'tryna get my groove back' thought she'd add mouth in the campaign too...AGBAYA! Anyways, if you couldn't tell, I'm not much of a fan of her shot. Slightly lacklustre if you ask me...

There is peace in silence...kind of sending the wrong message don't you think?

Pardon me....I LOVE this VERY feminine take on it! Denise is very oopsey-daisy about her stance, sort of a mockery against oppressers

Did someone not pass on the memo to Teyana Taylor? She's slightly overdressed for her shoot me thinks, but I love it all the same. The military-sheek of it really makes a strong impression on me...

Erm...Kimora....this isn't a shoot to add to your dead portfolio! Let your faded modelling career go...this shot is beyond weak! WInd through the hair and 'smizing' is so played out...NEXT!

I absolutely adore Fefe Dobson (well...that ONE song of her's anyway- "Everything")...but yet again, there's the message of peace through repression so I'm not quite sure how powerful her piece is?

I LOATHE Amber Rose with a PASSION as you may remember in the "All Things Dirty" post but I actually really like her shot and the way she embeds fashion in it. Well done whore, you did something right for once...cos dating Kanye made his mother turn in her grave (just saying...)

Kiely may be trying a bit too hard in real life to break from the Cheetah Girl Disney mould, but she smashes it in this shoot, catting my fave 'hand on head' pose and the blatant point to mouth is conveying what she may have said had her lips not been sealed..."look what you've done to my voice" sorta thing...LOVE

Dawn looks HAGGED OUT in this shot! I prefer her with long hair...this short ish elongates her chin far more than is necessary!! The jewellery doesn't correlate with one-another and her nails? (yes I can see them and they scream TACKATHON to me)

LaLa...was there really any need? No more said....

I always thought this chic from "Half & Half" was I right? Well her shoot's kinda boring anyway....NEXT

Silver haired...silver taped...silver bracelet....seems like Sisqo has a lil competition! LOL Jay x

When someone figures out what Ashley Simpson was doing here....

...please let me know...that would be helpful.

Even though Aubrey's boobs are covered and her lips aren't gushing out a sexual "ahhh", her eyes scream SEX and her lay down pose is just doing far TOO much XXX than is needed for a PG13 campaign...

I'm sorry....when did Heidi's sister, Stephanie Pratt's sister-in-law, Spencer Pratt's "arch enemy" and Heidi's mum's virginal discharge get enough limelight to step infront of a camera and pose professionally for a shoot?....

I do love me some Brooke Hogan but hun, what exactly have those bagel looking baps got to do with a stand for homosexual equal rights in California?

Holly's World...*yawn*

Guess starring on "Girls of the Playboy Mansion" can only get you so far. Have to book charity modelling gigs now...

LOVE Stephanie Pratt...I dont care!! And I LOVE her shoot can literally see her beaming through her tape. Go on girl....x


LOVE Khloe!! "I die g=for you b***h!" and this shot is pretty self explanatory...freedom to love who you want

Aww...I can't personally STAND Kourtney...she's SUCH a nag and she's as boring and whipped as a horse off to derby! And the way she's milking pre-Mason (pardon the milk pun) just makes me feel a bit queazy tbh

Kardashian Sisters unite! Gotta love these girls! I think this shot expresses the biblical message of 'see no evil... hear no evil...speak no evil'

ADORE JoJo. Such an under-rated artist! Love the use of her 'truth' tattoo in this shot...very subtle, yet meaningful :)

Not many men on this campaign but me thinks Ashley dragged him down to the studio and after seeing what a shitty job his wife did, he thought "what the hell...can't be that hard then" LOL

Erm...D Woods clearly copying the Amber Rose 'shackled' idea. But hun, when your hoodrat sister wears an ear to nose connecting jewellery piece on live television at the BET Awards? There's just NO hope for you...or any blood for that matter. SOZ!

Kim Kardashian....what a beauty! *sigh*

Gulliana Rancic...dont get your pose...kinda seems like a Facebook photo-op

Perez is SO vain he's on his own site! Poor publicity you deranged toad...not a fan

Its B Scooooooott! LOL Love his faint eyes and yet his proactive actions of painting on the message....

So I thought I'd try my own....

I've done enough guys hit me with your best and worst!

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! Freedom to love does not equate to equal thinking for all...grant all the freedom to agree to disagree. Xisses