Love the Hate...

**Soundtrack of the minute : Amerie - Swag Back **

So it seems I may have come off as a tad pretentious or conceited in my previous post. Perhaps the way I patted my hair or showed off my new leggings grated you...but do you know what?
I was excited...the anxiety of a new look for every woman is kinda like a BIG deal! And when you can pull off something you'd never thought you could? Get EXCITED!! Why the hell not?...
SO...*BLEURGH* to all the haters out there. You know who you are... *giggles*

Now...Let me just use this opportunity to clarify what *BLEURGH* is.
Its NOT a fashion blog, hell! I don't claim to know the world about fashion...I never studied it (or as Nigerian tailors would say, 'learnt a trade'), But I WILL say that I absolutely love retail therapy, shopping and the excitement I get over a new garment, accessory or a pair of new heels, and if I am often told "you look good" so I thought I'd share it.
And to hell if you think with the pocket money I get, I will go and squander it on a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos...oh no! I'd rather buy 4 pairs of Office heels off the High Street than be pretentious and starve myself for High End. DURH!
I mean, don't get me wrong, if I could afford it, I would! And if a guardian angel out there bestows a beautiful Balenciaga Tote on my doorstep, I will not refuse. But to say that I will deceive myself into buying into a MUST have me for the wrong girl!

Numero Deux (so what? I'm speaking 2 different languages lol) *BLEURGH* is NOT an advice column! Hell, I'm done telling you what its not....
Its just a BLOG...BLEURGH is a play on words for a BLOG! Its also a tribute to one of my fave shows, 30 Rock, where 'Liz Lemon' says it when she's hella done with all the bull her crew put her through. *BLEURGH* is meant to convey whats on our minds AT the time we are writing.
So please...quit picking! Its clear your hating is just a warped form of admiration, so just spit out your crude words and express the love you have for the site...if not? SHUT THE HELL UP!! *giggles*

Now...without further adieu, because I sure as hell wont stop doing what I do... (*giggles, I rhymed!!)

Cardigan = Urban Outfitters | Tanktop = H&M | Shirt Dress = Primark
Leggings = Primark | Boots = BANK (Rocketdog)

Denim Shirt = GAP | Tanktop = H&M | Skirt = H&M | Over-the-knee Socks = Primark
Suede Pumps = Welsh Store**

Jumper = New Look | Shorts = Be Bop (American store)
Tights = Marks & Spencers | Pumps = Charlotte Russe (American Store)

Shirt (Converted to cardigan) = Allders | Tanktop = Primark | Skirt = H&M
Lycra Leggings = Primark | Pumps = Bay

Cardigan = H&M | Tanktop (both) = Primark | Skirt = H&M | Leggings = Primark
Neck Candy = Accesorize | Pumps = Bay

Jacket = ZARA | Cardigan = H&M | Tanktop = H&M | Shorts = Primark
Pumps = Primark

Blazer = Urban Outfitters | Tanktop = Heart & Hips (American Store)
Skirt = Vero Moda | Pumps = Primark | Neck Candy = Swarovski

Shirt = Miss Selfridge | Tanktop = Heart & Hips (American Store) | Neck Candy = Swarovski
Skirt = H&M | Pumps = Bay

Waterfall Cardigan = H&M | Dress = Republic
Belt (detached from dress) = Macy's (American Store) | Lace Pumps = Primark

Jumper = ZARA (Mens' Wear) | High-Waist shorts = Primark
Jacket = ZARA | Pumps = Primark | Neck Candy = Swarovski

Cardigan = Attic (Manchester Boutique) | Sleeveless Cardigan = Republic | Tanktop (both) = Primark
Skirt = H&M | Tights = MK One | Pumps = Urban Outfitters

Cardigan = Urban (American Store) | Tunic = South Boutique (Littlewoods Concession)
Peglegs = ASOS | Pumps = Charlotte Russe (American Store) | Neck Candy = Accesorize
Changed Peglegs to Leggings = H&M

Jacket = ZARA | Tanktop = Marks & Spencers' (Daddy's 'singlet' lol)
Jeggings = Primark | Pumps = Urban Outfitters | Scarf = H&M

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Love the hate...who are "they" to judge you. Be yourself, there's no better substitute. Xisses