Kidulthood --> Adulthood

** Soundtrack of the Minute - Love the Way You Lie : Eminem ft Rihanna **

This past fortnight has been brilliant! I have taken great pleasure in witnessing so many forms in which the youth of today undertake a Rite of Passage. As I bleurgh'd earlier, I attended my cousin **Charmz's 21st Birthday! Since then, on a more serious note, I have received my exam results (which will help shape the choices I make in the future), I am currently in the process of reviewing what topics I wish to take next year, I am weighing up the pros & cons of each Inn and deciding which to join...

It's all Choices Choices Choices in adulthood and its strange how quickly I was pushed into the driving seat (ooh!! Had my 1st ever Driving Lesson today....eek!). Thinking back to the summers that have passed and how laissez-faire my lifestyle was back then, with the most strenuous task in my day being waking up, to this summer where I am juggling all these different priorities all at once...its clear to see that I am slowly but surely growing into a mature, young woman.....YIKES!
1st Rite of Passage - Prom

I didn't personally attend, but I helped style my neighbour of 10years, **Dunz (and her friends') hair for their Upper Sixth Prom. She looks GORGEOUS doesn't she?
Dress : ASOS (TFNC) | Heels : Barratts
I started work (paid summer work, not legal experience) last week and work a gruelling shift of 12-8:30 say I'm tired when I get home is an understatement, but I have learned to adapt. The company is a fun and vibrant fashion photography studio, but TRUST me, the job sounds far more glamourous than it actually is!! By the end of my 1st week trial, I was contemplating quitting, but things have changed, and as I grow, I am quickly learning to stick it out and be patient. Afterall, good things come to those who wait :)

Shirt : H&M (Men's Wear...on sale for £3) | Tank top : Primark | Skirt : H&M
Pumps : Urban Outfitters | Arm Candy : H&M

Cardigan : H&M | Tanktop : H&M | Belt : Primark | Skirt (actually a dress) : Republic
Neck Candy : Claires' | Arm Candy : H&M | Pumps : Welsh Boutique

Shirt : GAP | Top (actually a shirt-dress) : Primark | Skirt : H&M
Arm Candy : H&M | Pumps : Welsh Boutique

Cardigan : H&M | Top : Primark | Peglegs : Warehouse (On Sale for £15) | Pumps : Urban Outfitters

Top : H&M (On Sale for £5) | Belt : Primark | Leggings : Primark | Pumps : Urban Outfitters

Top : H&M (On Sale for £3) | Neck Candy : TK Maxx | Skirt : H&M | Pumps : Urban Outfitters
2nd Rite of Passage - Graduation
I attended my cousin **Charmz's graduation in Birmingham...the lil heffa gave little notice so I almost could not make it because I was still on my 1st week of trial at work but after I did so well, and a little bit of flirting and flattery never hurt a soul, I was able to go. Missed the ceremony as I was coming from London and University of Birmingham were insensitive enough to start at 10am *kmt*, however we arrived just in time for the whole year's picture, the family shot (hope I look good in it as I was cheesing far more than she was) and later attended a fab dinner at The Oriental which was situated on the bank of The Mailbox.

Jacket : Topshop (£7 at Grays Inn Market-my new haven) | Dress : New Look (£5 Grays Inn Market)
Heels : Dorothy Perkins | Neck Candy : Avon

The proud graduant...she makes the robe look like designer! LOVE HER :x

If there's one guilty pleasure I will share with you, its my love for family shindigs. When I was younger, I loathed the wretched things...but now? You get to feed your belly and your eyes *winks* and not forgetting the awkward digs by uncles tryna get in there or Aunties tryna sell you off to their sons. All in all, it always makes for quite an entertaining day out LOL
YaYa had a family barbecue and as her house (although situated in a village) is big enough to accommodate Jesus' 5000, there was more than enough entertainment to last me a WHILE

Dress : Ankara (made by my Aunty Rita's tailor in Nigeria) | Arm Candy : Clarks
Sunnies : H&M

Let my fellow Twi-Harders down by seeing *Eclipse* a week later than intended, but as my work schedule took a toll on me, I HAD to pass on Orange Wednesdays and opt for a free sunday viewing funded by a VUE employee with a staff discount (its good to have friends in high places *giggles*) Went with a few of my **8Ballerz, **JBritt **IzzI **YaaYaa & **Lolli :) I have to say that I will always and forever be a #TeamEdward supporter over Jacob. Jakey is SO pathetic in *Eclipse* it hurt my eyes to watch! And his packs have faded to near pot-belliedness...i was NOT impressed!
I've always liked a macho man with a soft heart for me. Jakey in the movie is SO sappy, he might as well wear Bella's bad-arse lace wig and call himself the chic in that rusty love triangle! Some were baffled and even called her a whore for her actions in the movie but anyone that's ever had
to juggle love and a platonic friendship which could take you further and spare you the heartache will comes with experience.

Top : ZARA | Leggings : Primark | Neck Candy : Oasis
Sandals (which are sadly now dead after I tripped down a hill) : Croydon Boutique

Cardigan : Uniqlo | See-through Tanktop : H&M | Skirt : Warehouse
Arm Candy : River Island | Pumps : Debenhams (Red Herring)

Shirt : H&M | Tanktop : Primark | Belt : Primark | Arm Candy : Clarks (ankara material attached)
Peglegs : Croydon Market | Pumps : Charlotte Russe (American Store)

Cardigan : H&M | Dress : H&M | Belt : Vintage (Welsh Store)
Tights : Primark | Pumps : Urban Outfitters

Nothing excites me more through summer than picnics and BBQs and as long as the sun is shining, there is every reason to have one (no further justification needed). So be assured that this is NOT a work outfit...LOL

Top : H&M | Denim shorts : H&M | Neck Candy : Claires' | Flip-Flops : New Look

So it seems I'm growing up guys...its weird to take in that I actually make my bed when I wake up without being told. Or sort out my finances (even though my mantra is 'Splurge Now, Save Later'), or make plans for my future which has effectively meant cutting out the negative whores that brought me down and smiling through adversity, but not letting that hinder my progress with conveying my emotions when need be. Kidulthood was all about fun, being popular and 'growing wild' (as my parents often called me out on)...Adulthood on the other hand does not mean all fun has to disappear, but its all about prioritizing, picking and choosing who is worth the title of 'friend' and who's deemed an acquaintance and letting go of the things that just aren't good for you, whether it be bad ex boyfriends or that cheesecake on the plate in front of you.

YeYe says...gotta go from kidulthood to adulthood with grace. The journey need not be rushed, switching gears should come naturally, just make sure you've got your foot firmly on the clutch to always remain in control. Xisses


  1. i do like your sense of suits you.

  2. nice style. Your outfits are chic!!

  3. Nice style and choice of women's clothing. I love the colour of your UNIQLO cardigan, it suits you.

  4. i like how chic you look! and your prom look is gorgeous!
    ps.I'm mad you found that top in a h&m sale i cant find anything in there EVER!

  5. You have great style. I love how you took us through all the stages of teenage life in outfits, and I loooove that prom dress.

  6. AWW Danke Danx xx humbugs!
    Your comments and compliments are SO cute & very much appreciated x