Sunday Shares - First in the Making...

**Soundtrack of the Minute - All Back : Chris Brown**
Hola Bleurgher Boos!! Got quite a good reception from my mini Sunday Shares last week so decided to jump in, head 1st, and make this a weekly dose of rants...BLEURGH!!
  • This picture was taken (on my iPhone4) from Friday's night out with my girlies and that was literally the last straw in my new found charm. Let me explain...the blonde is shedding like an alopecia patient not receiving treatment so I've been pulling my hair to the side a lot to disguise it until I B.I.Y some tracks next week. But it seems like this new hairstyle is some kind of dike-magnet!! And Friday night I seemed to be attracting a lot more girls than I was guys (even suffered injury as some chic was pushing me up against the wall in some dominatrix-like flex, that my hands grazed against the glitter decor...BLEURGHair) WTH??
  • Watched the infamous BlackBerry Babes lastnight and I was SO disappointed! After all the hype, I squeezed about one chuckle, and thats saying was POOR script writing and Part 1 was completely useless if you ask me. That could have all been compressed into 10 mins...waste of life! Questionable marketing for BBs and social networking...but hey, whatever sells ey? :s One of my friends came up with the wittiest spin-off, 'Brazilian Hair Babes'! I seriously think that should be made cos with cheap companies and hair fares selling out with counterfeit quality hair all cos of some babes' quest to 'belong', I think that movie will be far more entertaining! Also, as the chic in the movie spent half the film in bendy only makes sense to educate some mutherrrrs
  • My flatmate's out of Manchie this weekend...time for Onyx to come out and play! Got some sleepovers and lunch dates planned. *pencils in further plans*
  • WOO! Can't wait for 'The Only Way Is Essex' tonight!! I freakin' LOVE that show! It's not even a guilty pleasure, I actually LOVE it! Mark is just the sexiest thing to grace English TV since Ed Westwick! Gotta say, I have a thing for arrogant douches who are so into their own sex appeal that their noses smell of their own s**t. Sue me...
Onyxsta says....BLEURGH!! Sometimes some kind of regularity is good at sparking up a bit of spontaneity. Xisses