** Soundtrack of the Minute - Collection of Fela Kuti's Greatest Hits **
I've been looking forward to this post since I saw The Smiths (Will & Jada) and my hubby, Jay Z, were in talks of bringing the legend to life on stage on Broadway. I considered taking a trip Stateside just to catch it, and when I heard it was coming to the UK, I hopped on the op ASAP!! I got the family tickets for Christmas and even though my brother's jobs became an obstacle, we still had LOADS of family fun :)
Finger Candy : Swarovski Laureen Ring | 'Love' engraved rings : Miss Selfridge
Black Band Bracelets : Miss Selfridge | Watch : Guess
 Blazer : H&M | Ankara Corset : **Gift from Auntie | Arm Candy : ZARA | Peglegs : ASOS | Heels : Miss Selfridge
I thought I'd wear an outfit influenced by Nigerian culture and what better than ankara? I love this piece so much and I'm looking forward to new designs I wish to make for summer. :)
I wasn't actually meant to take any pictures and got told off by one of the wardens....but you know me, I do it for the fans LOL xisses
My dad sat beside me and was probably the best commentator EVER! His input wasn't too annoying, but needed for numbers like ITT - International Thief-Thief (which he informed was actually about Abiola funnelling National funds for a misrepresented International Telecom (forgotten what the last T was))...and the hilariously choreographed "your shit dey smell", which traces back to ignorant early stereotypes of the White man being so pure he never excretes poo. Funny right?
 It was clear from the play, just how much of an influence his mother had on his music and the movement that became 'AfroBeats'. Although he'd failed in the eyes of spectators, to complete what he set out to accomplish in the UK, his mother was supportive of his choice to pursue music and make a difference that way. My mum informed me that other than her being the 1st woman to drive an automobile in Nigeria, she was one of the first female activists in Nigeria, empowering women to stand up for equal rights. Its like Kanye said "with that in my blood, I was born to be different".
My parents informed me that as much as Kalakuta was idealised as an artificial nation of freedom in the play, it actually became such a nuisance to students of Unilag at the time (where my dad did his 1st degree). He told me how the police and natives were so disturbed by the "Ghanaian prostitutes" (his words, not mine), and thats what triggered the infamous wedding of 27 women all at once!! Someone say Original PIMP!!
The 'Fela' actor was AMAZE-balls...SHEEEEESH!! I had a mini-crush on his abs and fanned myself when he went topless....yes, infront of Daddy! LOL...I couldn't help myself!! And we all know Fela was the original skinny-jean'd black dude so when my guy strolled on stage and was talking ticking clocks and second hand wandering....well, lets just say his 'hands' weren't still! LOL
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Don't be a 'zombie', make a difference in your own way. *Now making architectural plans for Kala-Yeka* Xisses 
I'm currently in the revision stage of the 1st part of my final year exams so I will be MIA for a while....bear with me *blushes*....but when I return, there'll be a lovely post chronically my epic quest to see Aubrey Drake Graham....what a BEAUT!! I'm also tryna figure out how to work iMovie to edit the video for you guys, and any help will be appreciated!! Xisses