"No condition is permanent" is a life lesson no one should grow without learning. As you are all aware, this year I set myself the sole task of being content. So far, so good. When you make the active effort to steer away from constantly comparing yourself to others, or pitching your achievements on a bar set by your peers, you enlighten your life to endless possibilities. I can't see myself in the place I was last year anymore, because I've completely changed my outlook on life.
Jumper : H&M | Skirt : Topshop | Boots : Bershka (Milan)
Perhaps its the shadow you cast on your side that makes it seem dull, but life on the other side always seems greener. Truth is, 9/10 times its not actually greener, and that's something we all learn with experience. Funny thing is, no matter how many times the person you idolise shuts your lust down, their hammer-like words never seem to hit the nail on the head of reason until your 'aha' moment becomes a reality. 
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Contentment ensures that no matter what position you're in, you continue to remain optimistic about better things to come, while remaining happy in the position you're in. It grants a profound understanding that you're serving a particular purpose in that spot, and you'll move from that spot when a greater need of you calls. That level of contentment takes faith, and the belief in divine hope steering your life in the right direction at its own pace. That's not to say there wont be set-backs, moments of stagnation or woes along the way. If we took off our rose-coloured glasses we'd see that those we idolised go through droughts too. Moments where their seemingly  evergreen patches wilt away to hay. Yet they must have overcome their set-backs in order for us to continue to see them shine; so also will you go through trials before you come out triumphant.

Soundtrack of the Minute - Love Without Tragedy : Rihanna
"There is no testimony without a test"
My sole belief now is that I am running my own race, in my own lane, at my own pace. I understand I have peers running in the same competition as me, but they are running to their own finishing lines. Quit comparing yourself to others' seemingly evergreen lives and live yours! Time misspent pitting yourself against him with the this or her with the that, could be time well spent working your way up even further than their this & that.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Life on the other side seems evergreen, but all it takes is a bout of reality for it to lose its gleam. Xisses