Love Like Denim

Denim is timeless. Quite like the colour black, it can never truly go out of fashion. Style it whichever way you please, but denim is denim. Thin like the super soft Topshop Joni pairs or thick like the Levis vintage finds; denim is denim. I was listening to the Frank Ocean track and it struck me, we're all on the hunt for a love like denim. Whether it be with our careers, friendships or love lives, we're all on the hunt for the timeless and tangible. 
Denim Shirt : Gray's Inn Market (originally Topshop) | Shorts : Thrifted MOM Jeans (BIY)
It is on this hunt for the perfect timeless piece that we find ourselves in a sea of endless blues. The pair that you love but with time wears and tears becoming unwearable, is like a friendship/relationship/job that once blossomed but once the rose coloured shades have been dipped, you find that you can no longer fathom it. Applying the metaphor of denim to real life situations can be somewhat helpful in breaking you free of the tiresome ruts you may be in. Take relationships for example; like the worn out pair of jeans, we really should discard that old friend or partner that does nothing for our self-esteem or life-progression. Choosing to hold on them in the hope that they'll change/improve is unrealistic and naive to say the least. Let go and let them churn their way through the recycler of life, they'll have served their purpose in your life whether you see it now or later. 
Rings : Church Fayre (thumb ring) & Topshop 
By dying an old pair of jeans or cutting it up into shorts, you can revive it to a certain extent. This is quite like undergoing therapy in relationships or undertaking extensive training to add on your CV to increase your level of responsibility at work. Quite like a pair of jeans, this can only do so much. You have to be comfortable at the level this revival can take you because it will NEVER be restored to its original condition, but you need to be ok with that. Refusing to truly express any dissatisfaction at its (job/relationship/friendship) restored state as early as possible will amount to status frustration. Compression of all those unhappy emotions will inevitably lead to an eruption; whether it be an untimely letter of resignation, an argument with a friend or dumping your partner.
Heeled Chelsea Boots : Moda in Pele 
Could this all have been avoided by buying more than one pair of denim so you don't wear out that one piece until its at the end of its tether? Well, no, because life doesn't quite work like that. You can't work two f/t jobs on the go so you don't lose the passion for one. You can't date two guys/girls and fully commit to the relationship cos well...that's straight shady...etc etc.  So the metaphor of denim falls short, but the ideals remain the same. Quite like denims may come in all shades, textures and fittings, so also are we all on the hunt for that timeless piece except we're missing the point that the timeless piece is life itself. So quite like the pair of jeans that rinsed out with one wash and you can't seem to pair it with much else in your wardrobe, don't resent that boyfriend that broke your heart. Instead treasure him for giving you an awareness that it is fragile and can be broken if in improper care. Don't loathe the job that turned out to be shambles, instead, look upon it with fondness in the knowledge that without it you wouldn't have been forced to revise your CV for the better role that's on its way.
"Happiness shouldn't be a destination in your life. It should be part of the journey" Dorothy Koomson - The Woman He Loved Before
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Good wear will eventually tear so live your life to the fullest, embracing its rips & ripples that come as a part of the package. Xisses