BLEURGHsession : Celeb Style

**Soundtrack of the Minute - Automatic : Aubrey O'Day**
Hola Bleurgher-Boos! Blanche has been rather sluggish lately so I decided to give her a lil detox by deleting the things I don't really need or apps I don't really use anymore. One of the things that ended up in the bin was my collection of 'Celeb Fashion Inspiration' that i'd been compiling for as long as FOREVER! I used to make collages of teen trends from child stars like Raven Symone or the Olsen Twins and replicate the looks like the sports jersey bellytops or the flat paperboy caps in '04...oh dear!
I've realised that I don't sit infront of my screen going through look-by-look to decide what to wear in the mornings anymore, and when I do, I tend to log on to LookBook or blogs as my source of fashion inspiration. Before I bid adieu to all my faves and greats, I wanted to share my Top 5 Celeb-Style BLEURGHsessions! I picked my faves and made collages for you guys' you'll see, my style inspirations have classy, girly yet edgy styles. I'm not really into the boho-hobo Alexa Chung philosophy of having "an allergy to looking too neat". I like looking neat and put-together...
1. Lauren Conrad
I love her laid-back Cali-style with the mix of a simple tank/ tee teamed with a bright or patterned skirt or skinnies, not forgetting her staple sunnies. 
2. Kardashians
Kim Kardashian is the obvious choice of most as she's the one in the public eye the most. Monica Rose (their stylist) had them in black for THE longest but I love Kim's Autumn/Winter wardrobe best where she tends to wear a LOT of tan, camel and fur pieces.
Kourtney Kardashian has style is just THAT much more my taste. Her love for patterns, different fabrics and COLOUR are what I aim to embody in my wardrobe. Her style is so classy and sophisticated
3. Rihanna
From her ever changing hairstyles to her ever-firm fashionable balls...she just doesn't give a s**t, she will take all risks. I love the silhouettes she creates with her outfits, there's always emphasis on her waist and the hemline is always so flattering to her model-like legs.
4. Coleen Rooney
I fell in love with this Puddie-lass since her 1st season of 'Coleen's Real Women'. Her style is very simple and formal, with a few flirty details (chiffon bows or frilly florals) chucked in the mix.
5. Olivia Palermo
I only recently started falling in love with Olivia's style as I'm a reality TV fanatic and she was NOT the fondest of characters in The City. I love her strong structured shouldered jackets and the formality of her casual outfits, like every piece is making a statement.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! As my style changes, time to wave farewell to the old and move on to the new, shedding old database baggage as well. Xisses