I met a young man recently, who inspired this post, as he held such a skewed vision of his reality and reinforced what was wrong with society all in one feel swoop. It all began while we were watching DSTV music channels, surfing from Channel O to HipTV and dropping by Ebony Life TV and Soundcity from time to time. Amidst the hiphop cronies flossing platinum chains littered with diamonds, surrounded by flash cars and extravagant yachts and mansions, were a new era of African video vixens. Unlike their American counterparts, these females were not particularly bestowed with collagen-injected behinds or silicone inflated chests, but they gyrated all the same, in time to the catchy afro-beats and the repetitive lyrics of the musician. It was these said females that were the centre of the young man's attention.

Shirt : H&M | Tank : Primark | Necklace : Vintage | Skirt : ZARA

Its understandable that with the low budget most African artists work with, and the stigma attached to being a video vixen in Africa in the first place, that the creme de la creme of society would not be caught dead on our screens. Yet, the young man felt it was his duty to pinpoint the skeletons from the obese, the product-enhanced lighties from the sun-snogged darkies (no racism intended, just using his words). And I was forced to interject with one wholesome question, “what about you?”
 Soundtrack of the Minute : Mirrors - Justin Timberlake (The 20/20 Experience)
You see, he is what is wrong with society today. At the end of the day, the successful have no time to bleat about what's wrong because they are out there rectifying it. The beautiful have no time to rave about their flaws because they are there werqin' with it! This prompted me to review my stance. I spend enough time ranting about the errors I encounter all around me but perhaps its time I empowered females by speaking and acting, rather than taking a back seat. One of my most loved posts of late was that which discussed whether youtubers were the new housewives, and I called on the professionals & 9-5ers to step up to the plate and showcase a whole new breed of females making an impact on the world w/o dependence on their looks or blabbing on about their latest purchases. In the gap that still remains, I intend to step in, quit moaning and ACT!
Onyxsta says…BLEURGH!! I compel you to hold a mirror up and really question what you see before pulling it down and critiquing the world around you.