Got in a heated debate with one of my closest friends today, and it shed light on a few things. The main being, when you both hit the point of no return in an argument, and you've both tossed painful coins at one another...what next? I'm not much of a chess player, but I do love me some Checkers...the point I'm hammering at is, in the strategic game, you hit a point where no more moves can be made, and its game over; the board is restructured and restarted.
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Speaking with my sister afterwards, she commented that, at times people forget that they will see you the next day. Thats my qualms with such situations. I'm not a happy go lucky 60's freak who loves singing in the rain (hold back all bowler hat references...LOL), but I do like having a smile on my face. 8/10 times, its either my family or my friends that keep me grinning.  Why ruin that over a trivial debate about one's preferences over the other?
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I try not to harbour bad blood, or let my pride cloud my judgment. Through the gift of great friendship, I have learned to air my opinions, vocalise my emotions, and rationalise when cause arises. In the end, I am more than willing to throw in the towel, walk away from the ring and salvage a great situation in retrospect, if worthy. However, I am no fool. If a friendship is not worth it and you've made all the right moves on paper, all your pieces are as you intended them...then its time to yell 'check mate' as you would 'BINGO!', grab your fair share and keep it moving to another board.
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I speak about friendships a lot, as I feel they are an important part of my being. I was brought up under the adage "show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are". If you surround yourself with spineless swine, you're probably thought as one to others, yourself. I don't walk around with clones. Neither do I expect my friends to act, say, or think exactly as I would. What I love about my friendships is the room we give one another to grow, to be yourself, while still truthfully calling each other out when the other has done wrong. A friend is defined as "A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations"
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I salvaged a friendship this week, which could have gone sour over a trivial disparity of opinions, and I also chose to let a 'friend' go this week as I felt he wasn't doing anything positive for my life. I can be brutal, but I'm brutally honest. It was great while it lasted, but whats a friendship built on lies, deceit and misconceptions?
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Sometimes its worth looking at the board and admitting there are no more moves to be made in the friendship. Checkmate!