Last Night

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My Twitter followers will know just how many movies I've gone through this week alone in my plea to detract the tears over the hiatus of most of my fave American shows *sobs*
One of the many I indulged in was an unpromoted (which still shocks me as it starred Keira Knightley and Eva Mendez) romantic movie called 'Last Night'. As usual, I'm not one for bait reviews, I'm more interested in the underlying message and its applicability in contemporary society and my life...

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In a fairly young marriage where both parties are contempt with one another, their careers, etc...but nothing more, what a lil temptation can do to tip the balance is worth noting. I guess one thing I've been meaning to BLEURGH about post-Year of the Husband is The 25 Plan (which is yet to come), but the idea that one meets their college (or in UK, Uni) sweethearts and decides to settle down not long after, and then spends the REST of their lives with that one person, to some...aww, to others....thats a scary arse concept! I'm not saying which boat I sail in but this movie clearly was.

Its a beautiful thing to find the one, but what does that mean for your future? No more adventure? No more wild nights out? I guess the same rules don't apply as when you were in a relationship...and you thought they would. Careers are put on hold to support the other (a la Melanie in The Game)...I just don't think the whole picture is fully in frame for young couples misled by the idealised romanticism portrayed in romcom after romcom...*sigh*

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I watched Adam Sandler's 'Go With It' before it and was shockingly surprised at just how much I enjoyed it. And to be plonked back to reality by 'Last Night' was a slap in the face....but a much-deserved slap. I guess we all want to live the romcom life where we are whisked off our feet by the man we love and is humorously compatible with us to a fault...but in reality, where does the humour stop and the satire begin?

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! The morning after last night leads to the day when your actions become consequences. Xisses