I have said it time & time again to friends, but perhaps its time I shared it with my readers. Having been in the Motherland for a substantial amount of time now, I think I have enough grounds to make this respectful submission: EVERY WOMAN SHOULD TAKE A TRIP TO A COUNTRY IN AFRICA. No joke. We women (and men also) have ugly days. You know those days when your hair refuses to cooperate, or that blending brush won't smudge away those contour lines? No such thing here. Even on days when I look like Dracula and forget to prep my outfit the night before, it still wont be classified as an ugly day to one brave soul who'll cat-call enroute to the office.

Top : H&M | Joni Jeans : Topshop | Mini Trapeze Bag : Warehouse
Now, I am not to be confused. I do NOT condone vulgar cry-outs or mysterious stalkers posing as admirers (which unfortunately, is a part of the package). However, I do think everyone deserves to feel admired/adored once in a while. Big, small, skinny, curvy, tall, short, light, dark...they'll like 'em all. We live in an increasingly critical society, where your flaws are magnified due to their failure to conform to the norm. In the words of misogynists such as Lil Wayne, "you like a b*tch with no ass, you aint got sh*t" (A Milli Lyrics). Yes, in present day society, pretty hurts. The lack of conformity is no longer praised. Every Essex lass wants blown up nungas & the Pudlians are out there tattooing their brows into that perfect arch.
In relation to the title of this post, This is a term I've only recently come to know the meaning of. Wash apparently means the overshowering of praise or commendation on a person or thing. Now, my friends know this about me, but when I thoroughly dislike something, I overexaggerate just how much I adore it. I think this fits the 'wash' bill perfectly. But in relation to media amplification, I believe the washing of that perfect hourglass KimK/Nicki Minaj figure has now become a caricature. Women are now walking around in fear that a car accident victim may be wrongly propelled into their behind, having mistaken it for an airbag.
Wedges : Primark | Watch : Guess | Rings : H&M
The washing of this KimK figure is oh so real! With dangerous ass injections and women taking back route surgeries to enhance this or lipo-suck that, what may have been a natural hourglass once, is fast becoming the uber-manufactured coke bottle instead. Women need to stop and think. In the 90's, it was all about the supersize boobs, then came the early Noughties and the Size-0 obsession...and now...the barbie-on-proteinshakensteroids look is in fashion. Thats just it, this figure is just a trend. The perfect example of mistaking your body for a wardrobe that can be altered to move with the times is Chloe Simms from TOWIE. This is a woman that prided herself in all things plastic; biggest boobs, fully-pumped lips, fake 'horse-look' (her words) teeth, undetectable butt-job? Yet, here she is endeavouring to reverse the changes because the 'natural' looking woman is now on-trend *sigh*
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Don't be washed away by the waves of talked-about trends & fickle fads. Stay true to who you are & learn to work with what you've got. Xisses