Birthday Suit

I turned 22 this week, and as mentioned in the previous post, I was sort of dreading it. For my 20th, my flatmates threw me a surprise party which was pretty damn amazing & for my 21st, I spent the day in  Milan with my sister. So for my 22nd...I was adamant nothing should be done as its a dull-double, and not worth a celebration. But, upon weighing up the blessings that'd been bestowed on me in the most fabulous year of my life, I felt ungrateful for thinking it unworthy of anything.
 Dress : Allders | Belt : New Look | Brogues : New Look
I started work this week, which will explain why BLEURGH posts have been few & far between but I'm working on a routine that should ensure regular posting, promise. Anyway, I I now work in a Law Firm in the city and this was my first week, so I was in an office on my birthday. Having worked in an office environment all summer in Wales, I had become accustomed to the traditions of the workplace & recognised that grand gestures are widely appreciated by co-workers. I brought in sweets and sent out the cheesiest email to everyone on my floor in the office, tagging myself as "the new girl" LOL. I know...CRINGE! But it seemed to work, and by lunchtime, I was indulging in a fatty lunch, some chocolate cake & my boss treated us to some delicious gourmet baklava.
 DKNY Bag : **19th Birthday gift (**8Ballers) | Rings : BHS & Dorothy Perkins
After work, everyone was expecting me to go out on a total bender...but my evening was a complete contrast. I was bombarded with love from all realms of cyberspace from Twitter to Facebook, not sparing technological public displays of affection like changing BBM display pictures or status updates including well wishes. After basking in a full day of love from all angles, I felt it only right to give back, so I volunteered my evening in my a homeless shelter my mother started in my community. I'd spent all my other birthdays fully in the spotlight, so this one was so surreal. It was heart-breaking hearing tales from those that had loved and lost, or had worked so hard, only to stand helpless as the ground they stood on was swept from beneath their feet. How then can I complain that my double-digit birthday was not worth a mention when I had so much to be thankful and grateful for?
Some may view my day with a screwed up nose and wonder why I Mother Theresa'd out my time instead of going out (which I eventually did over the weekend, but more on that later...) but I saw this day as sacrificial. I was overwhelmed by the love I received that to gift an ounce of it away would still have left me with more than I enough.
Onyxsta says....BLEURGH!! As I mark my 22nd year, I mark the growth of solo BLEURGH into its 2nd year. Xisses