**Soundtrack of the Minute : Science & Faith (album) - The Script**
I am MORE than excited for this new post because:
1) This is my 1st EVER BLEURGH post solo. As you can tell, my silent partner, YaYa, no longer bleurghs so its just me me me. Do you guys like the new layout? Please gimme some feedback (Bleurgh-Back Below), good or bad on what you love/ should be changed :)
2) I'm 21 now!! That means I'm a full- fledged adult in every country :)
As you can see from the title, for my 21st, I jet-setted to Milan, Italy for the day. BEAUTIFUL!! I loved every second of it...even the hectic, insomniac ridden feeling....*yawn*
Here are some pics:
I loved the makeup I did :)
Necklace (pendant detached) : Claires' Accesories | Structured Shoulder Top : Primark | Skirt (Buttons and suspenders detached) : Primark | Brogues : Deichmann | Arm Candy : Self-made red bracelets; Guess watch; H&M locket beaded bracelet; Swarovski leather heart charm bracelet
 I couldn't quite decide what blazer to wear so here are my options from far right:
Bright Pink Blazer : Urban Outfitters | Plum velvet Blazer : St. Michael's (used to belong to my mother) | Grey Blazer : Miss Selfridge | Black Blazer : Primark | Grey Tweed Blazer : Urban Outfitters
Finally at Gatwick after a LONG overnight look at me itching my head
Trying to find our way to our Gate :)
Finally in Milan!! As you can see the HUGE grin on my face...I was SO excited when we got there
The pigeon saga....LOL the pictures say it all!!
The most beautiful icecream display I have EVER seen! YUM! Breakfast in Milan (the ciabatta bread grazed my inner mouth so THAT wasn't a gooden *sobs*)
Me & **Cidz infront of the Duomo Cathedral...beautiful view 
SHOPPING!! **Cidz infront of Prada in Duomo and me in Mango before the sales assistant told us "NO! NO! NO!" at our pap-moments *bow head in shame*
My buys - Tweed Bag & Brown Leather Satchel : Pull & Bear | Ankle studded Boots : Bershka
Grey Leggings : Promod
I hope you like the pictures...I tried to capture the good and bad moments without bombarding you guys!! I'm so excited for BLEURGH's new direction! Here are some new ideas:
  • Outdoor outfit posts - unlike other bloggers, my photographers will be taken by the general public. Wherever I am, I will get whoever is around me to capture the moment. I've always loved interacting with strangers so this is just another excuse :)
  • Vleurghs...its been a while since I made a video and I'm gonna be putting more up here, hopefully even creating a YouTube Channel! (Watch This Space)
  • More frequent posting!! I can't hide behind YaYa anymore and blame hiatuses on her...
  • Coverage of events, nights out, splurges, etc
I hope you guys are as excited as I am of the new things to come on BLEURGH and if you like what you see, don't forget to FOLLOW via Google Friend (sidebar top right), you can also now email me by clicking the envelope below this post, or follow on BLOGLOVIN' (see sidebar for link), or as the newest member of LookBook you can follow me on there too (see sidebar for link) and finally you can follow me (Onyxsta) on Twitter for more uninhibited rants...
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH! Milano Milano, where shall my 21st feet take me tomorrow? Xisses