Menswear Mondays: All Done Up

I drum on one too many times, about the appeal of a dapper don, a stylish stud, etc etc ...but dare I say there is an extreme that should remain untouched? While reading an amazing book (recommend it guys! If you follow me on Twitter - which is now open - you'd have heard me barking on about how multifarious it is) Mr Maybe by Jane Green, I stumbled upon a question thats probably plagued the minds of most women at least once in their lifetime. The protagonist was faced with the dilemma of choosing a wealthy man that adored her and was willing to bend over backwards to solely provide for her on the condition she become his [house/trophy] wife, over an unemployed writer on the dole whose sexual antennae was so in-tune with hers that she was willing to sacrifice so much of herself to be with him. Ok, maybe we all haven't been faced with such a dilemma *sniggers* but it seems there has been a time in every woman's life where she battles with her conscience at not allowing her head to simmer down, and her heart to fall head over heels in love with a guy that clearly adores her...?
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Now, don't get me wrong. Its not like I'm lustfully driven by my carnal desires when deciding on which suitor (yes, I'm talking medieval to take it all back to basics) is most compatible, but there HAS to be some sort of chemistry, be it physical, sexual or emotional. 'Good guys never win'? Oh how guys LOVE to throw that line in a chic's face. But its not so much that good guys never win, as the lack of spark fails to be ignited by their dull, persistent plea for a chance, or their irritating pursuit of some of your time. The on-screen classic has to be Made In Chelsea's Spencer...just back off son, its embarassing. I know some of you are clutching your chests and bidding me to stop, arguing at just how adorable he is, but quite frankly, dude is a pest and needs to give it a rest.
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The more Spencer pleads for a chance, or seizes an opportunity to convey his worth, or steals a moment to express his undying admiration for her, a tally bar on her perfect 10 checklist is knocked off. Some women are won over, eventually, by his charm, or succumb to basking in the limelight of his sweeping admiration...but most women consider this a turn-off. Having been at the receiving end of a Caggie-like scenario, I can knowledgeably conclude that his efforts will come to no end. And even if they do, its more a pity-party than anything else.
I urge men not to think of the dating game as a bar of extremes. Its not so much, Good Vs Bad; in fact, its far safer to play your way some place in the middle. Straight-laced, pompous-faced, trudging along with a briefcase (ok, I got a tad carried away with the rhyming lol) will get you nowhere. Yes, women drum on about a dream man with drive, determination, ambition, etc...but leave your personality and charisma sitting on your commute-train and find yourself stranded at Singleville, bidding 'that girl' to PLEASE give you a chance cos you're a good guy.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! All Done Up without the allure of charisma will only result in a blow at your ego & you in a strop. Xisses