Two weeks in the life of Twenty

WOW!! So I've been HELLA busy! So much so, that I've found it hard to even have time to breathe. Ok, well that's an exaggeration but you guys need to recognize, I was born a drama queen lol.
So YaYa's already informed you of the deats (TRANSLATION: Details) to do with my Surprise 20th...but WOW!! It was SO good, its worth a 2nd mention!!
After a SUCKY week of tears (DONT ASK!!) and work work work...there was nothing better to take my mind off the stress of uncompleted coursework and heartache than a party!!

A GORGEOUS H&M Tutu dress....a bit supressive on the boobage area. But HEY!! I was meant to be the centre of attention anyways and this dress ensured that lol.

After the initial surprise in my flat and the meet & greets...we progressed to the club for a FUN (Alcohol intoxicated) filled night! The fellas had the champagne flowing and the chicas had their hips gyrating (I've always HATED that word but it seems fitting)

I woke up the next day with a swollen ankle and some SERIOUS bruises on my hips hurt like hell and my throat was sore. I felt like CRAP but the memories were worth all the pain. We also had to return the favour to some guests as they were throwing a house(flatwarming)party. So although I had remained in a towel all day...I had to get off my butt and get dressed.

It wasn't really our scene, meaning NO disrespect at ALL!! So we ended up at a friend of ours, chatting away until the early hours of 7AM!!! Yup!! Thats what happens when you have individuals from opposite genders discussing topics like marriage and love and money...things get a tad heated! LOL
I was wearing:
Lime green Jacket = Zara
Dress = Republic
Opaque Tights = Marks & Spencers
Biker Boots = Borrowed from flatmate **Tosse

My birthday was FAR from over after the weekend and I ended up treating my closest girlies to a FAB dinner at this multi-cultural restaurant called "Salt & Pepper" (highly recommended! It has everything from Indian to Chinese to American Burgers....all in one menu!!). But sadly as twas quite late, they had run out of deserts. But these are the perks of living a stonethrow away from the Curry Mile. We went for deserts at this new desert bar....yum! Waffles, Pancakes, Sticky toffee pudding....MEMORIES!!
But that was over 2weeks ago and a lot has happened between my birthday and this very day. The next weekend, the guys had some of their friends from different Unis over and yet again....twas a night to remember....or NOT!! As most of us were totally off our nuts in alcohol that we'd rather not reminisce on the events that occurred.
I was wearing (although I'm not pictured) :
Tanktop = H&M
Necklace = Oasis
Skirt = Debenhams
Heels = Dorothy Perkins

I feel like after I turned 20, my life has been in fast forward but in a different light. I've felt like that in the past, but normally in a bad its beyond my reach. But now, I feel in tune with what i want and how I want it to pan out. I can't say that for EVERY aspect of my life, but its an ongoing struggle. I joined Twitter, and for someone thats always taken pride in a claim on my private life being private, I find it VERY contradictory to 1st have Facebook, then a blog and NOW, a Twitter account? LMFAO!! Someone sound the gong....HYPOCRITE on the loose...and proud!!
Outfit 1
Jersey Sleeveless Cardigan = Republic
Top = Next
Leggings = Zara
Shoes = Welsh Shoe store
Arm Candy (Bag) = MK One
Outfit 2
Cardigan = MadHouse
Top = Attic (Manchester Boutique)
Tie'n'DyeLeggings = TK Maxx
Arm Candy (Bag) = Vintage Store (Prestatyn, Wales)
Shoes = Welsh Shoe Store

Outfit 3
Dress (tucked in as a top) = Zara
Cardigan = MadHouse
Necklace = Oasis
Bandage Skirt = Topshop
Opaque Tights = Marks & Spencers
Shoes = Welsh Shoe Store

Outfit 4
Beret = Primark
Cardigan = Primark (Men's Wear)
Shoulder Pads = E Bay
Festival Dress = Primark
Boobtube dress = Zara
Belt = ??? (Have to check previous posts and get back to you on that one lol)
Leggings = H&M
Boots = Blink (Barratts)

But nothing quite prepared me for what was to come! After tireless months threw Summer, looking for a job, it just so happened that my birthday truly WAS a blessing!!! My sister came down to Manchester that Friday (of the Surprise) to "cheer me up", but REALLY to act as a distraction from my flat, etc. And we ended up in Trafford Centre jobhunting...aimlessly. Only, it wasnt the case, as I got a callback & after a successful interview, I am proud to say I have bagged a part-time job in retail!! Yay ME!! One bad thing is the hours. I am currently working 30 hours and its KILLING me....but I have faith that a lil bit of compromise here and there is all it really takes for true happiness.

Top = Primark
Sleeveless Jersey Cardigan = Republic
Opaque Tights = Marks & Spencers
Shoes = Welsh Shoe Store
Necklace = Claire's
Dress = Uniqlo
Military Waistcoat = Republic
Gold Necklace (tied into a knot) = Allders
Plum Tights (worn under the black ones) = Primark
Opaque Tights = Marks & Spencers
Shoes = Welsh Shoe Store
Top = MadHouse
Cardigan = Primark
Skirt = Primark
Tights = Marks & Spencers
Boots = Blink (Barratts)
Dress (Tied up as a top) = Primark
Boobtube Dress = H&M
Thermal Tights = Primark
Leg Warmers = Croydon Market
Shoes = Welsh Shoe Store
(I went to watch the 12am (FIRST SCREENING!!- Premiere) viewing of New Moon with 2 of my girlies. Twas memorable! That movie is a MUST-SEE!! I haven't walked out of the cinema feeling THAT pleased with a movie in a LONG time....defo the best sequel thus far!!)
I'm usually not a very big fan of denim on denim, but I had to make an exception today for some reason! Beats me why...but you know when you just have an outfit, everything seems to just make sense.
Beanie = River Island
Waistcoat = George
Top = Marks & Spencers
Tanktop = H&M
Jeggings = Primark
Opaque Tights = Marks & Spencers
Shoes = Welsh Shoe Store
PHEW!! I've tried to compress my last HECTIC fortnight into one blog post....I hope that was as informative as it felt typing it. Until next time hunnies...
YeYe says...BLEURGH!! A fortnight in the life of an adult beyond her teens. Xisses