The decision to move back to London was terrifying, and I'd put off bidding adieu to life up North for months now. First, I timed my mini-pupillage for AFTER graduation, ensuring I'd still be living my free-Uni life past its sell-by date. And then securing a role in a reputable firm in Wales, and working and living with my sister even further up North. But it all dawned on me at the office one this it? I was a graduate, working in a role that (yes, was designed for graduates) wasn't challenging my mental capacity. I grew up knowing I'd be great someday, and to succumb to my laziness like that was disappointing. 
Blazer : Thrifted (Wales) | Top : Primark | Highwaisted Denim Shorts : B.I.Y (tutorial on how to make your own available HERE)
So I kindly declined the opportunity to extend my contract for a further few months (one of THE hardest decisions I've had to make!), sacrificing job security for my passion, packed my bags and moved home. I'd decided to take a year out from studies to really find myself, get connected & liaise, travel perhaps & SAVE (most importantly) for my BPTC next year. But reading article after article about the declining employment levels in the UK for graduates, and the nightmare of most graduates just settling into any paying role scared me to a wake-up call!
Casio Watch : eBay | Ring : Dorothy Perkins | Loafers : Blanco (Gran Canaria) | Studs : Topshop | Satchel : Oasis | Belt (detached from other shorts) : New Look
Conversing with my **Wammie, **Lexie yesterday, I was jolted by my harsh reality check. Was I a 'waste gash'? I had no job, no active/ current philanthropic pursuits under my belt...nada. I wake up daily to breakfast on the table, slum through my day and round it up with a hearty dinner before bed....BUM! I'm the kind of girl that liked to keep busy, and honestly, even on my off days, it was still jam-packed with itty-bitty activities on my to-do-list. So what happens now?

I sat down last night & (remember the infamous words of my mother?) re-evaluated my life. Thought I'd share that list with you guys, incase you're also in need of a jolt up the backside to get going.

1. What have you accomplished thus far?
(you can split this up into sections ie academically, spiritually, philanthropic, career...etc)
2. What are you currently doing daily?
3. Where do you want to be a year from now?
4. How can you achieve that?
(Draft up a plan for the next few days, months...etc to ensure you keep an active check on whether you are doing the things you need to do to achieve that goal)
5. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance where necessary

P.S. I just got back in from my 'village', where I was served by this lovely old lady at the thrift store who took an interest in my life & blessed me. She claimed she knew I'd 'be' somebody someday, and she'd smile down on me from up there when I am. Jokingly, she teased for me not to let this 'year out' fly by without getting back on the horse and riding to my true destiny. Eerily coincidental or what? (Also helps that she gave me a discount LOL)

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Don't sacrifice your big dreams you've spent your life creating, all for a quick chance at paper chasing. Xisses