BLEURGHair:The Nicki Bob

Hola Bleurgher Boos! As you can see from the title, here's another BLEURGHair instalment! Its actually 2 weeks late but hey...I've been a very busy girl. 
I wanted a longer style but I LOVE how short hair frames my face (If you suffer temporary amnesia or you're a new follower, here's pics of my shorter BLEURGHair styles; The Mushroom Cut & The Estelle Side Sweep), so I wasn't quite ready to part with it just yet. So I thought I'd go for a bob instead; best of both worlds. 
The first image that popped in my mind was Nicki Minaj & I immediately took to the internet for inspiration (as per usual). And no, not the platinum blonde Mama-ish wig she rocks of late, but the look she was rocking the hell out of when she first burst on the scene. I hadn't tried a fully inverted bob before and was SO excited to give it a try! But with the obstacle of the Retro Rihanna Shave taking its sweet, holy time to grow out, I could still only work on the top part of my hair.
I instilled the help of my sister, who used the same technique as my previous 2 BLEURGHairs. A circular braid pattern, consisting of about 3 tracks on each side and a central line. Then I doubled the wefts to sew, ending with a straight-line closure rather than a circular-full closure. I then cut my hair using scissors only, using my fingers to guide the desired length and....VOILA! I LOVE IT!!
Do you guys? Tell me what you think in the Comments Bar below...x

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Feeling like the newest member of Anna Wintour's mob, rocking this ever-so-stylish Nicki Bob. Xisses