BIY: Highwaist Denim Cut-offs

In preparation for my holiday, I raided my loft for old pieces that I would revive for the new summer season. One of the things I was searcing high and low for were denim shorts. Unfortunately, the ones I found were just not up to scratch (style-wise). And after the torture I'd endured in the vintage store (I HATE the smell of those places) after my MEGA-HEGGA thunder thighs wouldn't fit ANY levi's cut-offs...I decided to embark on a BIY sesh.
 1. Get a fugly pair of old jeans.
 2. Mark out where to cut the jeans.
Tip - always better to mark out longer than necessary 
 3. Draw a line right across the width of denim & using scissors, cut along the marked line
4. Fold up denim to desired length
 5. (Disclaimer - for those WITHOUT mahoosive thunder thighs) FINITO
 (Disclaimer - Only continue if you struggle to pull up those babies past your knee *blush*)
6. Cut along the hem of the inner-thigh until desired length of which denim will be rolled-up
 7. Fold up to desired length. FINITO
 And there you have it...not so hard to rock this season's hottest essential at no cost at all!
Soundtrack of the Minute - There Will Be Tears : Frank Ocean

Here's a vleurgh of the other gems I found in my loft while I was at home. Enjoy! You guys should take a snoop round yours and post pics and vids of what you've found...I'm SO nosey, I'd love to see the gems you lot dug up too. So send links of the posts if you please....

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! One woman's dated trash is another's stylish treasure. Xisses