The Company You Keep

I struggled for a WHILE to trust myself in my own company. I feel that some women are threatened by the thought of being alone, and for a long while, I feared that also. When I was down & out, I didn't want to see my shadow roaming the walls in solitude, or see my cold wintery breath wafting towards the ceiling of my isolated room, without turning to the side and seeing another's do the same. But slowly (and it was quite scary tbh), I got over that hurdle and I'm a much stronger woman now because of it. Quite honestly, I'm at a point where sometimes I loathe the burden of company, and relish my Me-Time.
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At your lowest, I don't expect you to understand my love for solo-walks along the beach and how much more I love darting in and out of stores, trying things on without the pressure of doling out style tips to whomever may be accompanying me. Don't get me wrong, I adore spending quality time with my girlfriends, but its a breath of fresh air to be in a totally different place, trying new things and feeling 100% comfortable in your own skin. I like indulging in treats by myself, and have no shame expressing my opinions and bearing the consequences of impoliticly correct utterances. WHY? Because i have learned to love me for me.
My mum would advice us growing up, to take a minute out of life to 're-evaluate yourself'. That sentence used to grate me like hell, but they are truly words of wisdom. Some (like myself in the past) are so wrapped up in social bubbles and cushions of acquaintances, that they lose sight of who they are and have no foresight into who they are becoming. Occasionally luxuriating in some me-time isn't sad, but allows you to truly appreciate yourself, celebrate your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Its is of paramount importance to express love for oneself & not hold it as subordinate to another on an emotional shelf. Xisses