Menswear Mondays: The Short Suit

This look was inspired by Kourtney Kardashian but the shorts suit itself stands as a metaphor for a man with a short fuse. I've heard this line molested by men one too many times; "I have anger management issues" dude! You don't look fly proclaiming that to the world so lets nip that in the bud.
Blazer & Silk Shirt : Thrifted (Wales) | Shorts : Matalan
We live in an evolving society where the archaic stereotypes of men as emotionless robots is being eradicated and replaced by metrosexual substitutes. Men are opening up more on social media networks or stylistically/therapeutically blogging, opening up a gateway of understanding into their psyche for females. Along with the perks of this newly opened avenue of understanding, comes the short fuses.
Tie : **Brother's (Burton) | Belt : Primark | Satchel : Oasis | Brogues : New Look
When boys were younger, it was cute to throw a tantrum now and again. It got even hotter for your street-cred getting in fights or being sent out of class when you got to High School....but as a man? Patience truly IS a virtue. Women are reckless with emotions, throwing hurtful words in the air in a fit of rage. Now, as mentioned in previous Menswear Mondays' posts, we live in a world ridden with gender bias, so pardon me for flipping the script completely for the opposite gender...but men need to learn that at any age past getting those GCSE grades, its wiser for you to hone in that temper and upgrade your demeanour. Girls talk! We all know when this dude (that me & my girlies are familiar with) started his termly menstrual cycle, and was throwing b*tch fits left, right & believe girls started parting like the red sea upon his arrival. Its just NOT a good look. No girl wants to take the risk of being the RiRi to your Breezy flip-out. 
I was beyond disgusted at the finale of Basketball Wives Season 3 when Eric Williams retaliated by throwing water *splash* at Jennifer's face. Like, really? I feel like, yes, what Jennifer did was immature and a cheap shot....but for him to degrade himself on national television like that? WHACK! He came out looking like a bigger loser because gentlemen aren't supposed to lose their temper like that [publicly]....PERIOD! A gentleman should still carry himself with enough class to manage his temper publicly. Its a shame that some women carry themselves with ladette distaste, but the age of the gentleman (in my opinion) is not dead.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Lengthen the patience of a man's short fuse & watch him transform to a woman's 'perfect man' muse. Xisses