Strutting in Stratford

Missed the manic stampede that took place at Westfield, Stratford City in its opening week, but decided to pay it a visit nonetheless. Was escorted there by my **8Baller, **Lolli from LolliHearts, and we embarked on our retail journey with the soul purpose to shop until we dropped. However, we were surprised upon exit that evening, that we left with only a couple (literally had only TWO bags in my hand) of bags in tow.
Crochet Top : Topshop | Top (layered underneath) : Primark | Belt : ZARA | Shorts : New Look
I'm a self-professed shoppaholic, and can rummage to find a gem in the dessert....but Westfield S.C left me feeling BLEURGH! I'd been to WestEnd and left feeling the same way as well, which got me thinking "Am I losing my flair for retail?" This underwhelming feeling didn't stop just at my shopping experience, but was slowly beginning to translate into my everyday wardrobe, and general attitude to life and job-hunting. I was losing my passion for creativity and was beginning to don replica attires! I guess I could pinpoint this feeling to my current 'unemployed' status, and feeling drab about which direction to go, career wise....but I want to flush this negativity right out.
Bag : Clarks | Suede Brogues : New Look | Bracelets : H&M + **James' | Rings : Dorothy Perkins + **Charmz's | Casio Watch : eBay
Positive thinking breeds positive outcomes. When you put make-up on and make an active effort to beautify your face, you feel prettier and stand with your head held high. (Disclaimer: DO NOT jump on the bandwagon and yell that makeup isn't necessary to making a woman beautiful, I know that!) Or when you iron your shirt and prep before an interview, you walk in through the door feeling more confident than if you rushed to pick an outfit in the morning, and mistakenly grabbed your uncomfortable shoes on your way out. Its simple arithmetics.
Indulging in Malaysian dinner at Jom Makan, definitely recommend this restaurant....AMAZING FOOD!
Whether your wardrobe is crying out for a Gok-Makeover, or your love life is pleading for a crash course in speed-dating, everyone needs a 'pick-me-up' from time-to-time. As retail no longer rocks my socks to the level that it used to, and the monotony of traipsing from one blog to another has lost its zest, I find myself looking elsewhere for inspiration. I'd always been reserved when it comes to my personal plight, but lately, I discovered the true joy behind the addage "a problem shared, is a problem halved". In my experience, asking for help and inspiration from others has proved quite problematic. But in retrospect, thats probably because i was turning to the wrong person about the right subjects.

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Just like shopping or blog-hopping, your career path and general life needs relevant inspiration too, to get it popping. Xisses