Blue Valentine

Hola Bleurgher-boos...I had to share this post after I watched the new Ryan Gosling flick, Blue Valentine. I WOULD say its a must see just so we can all dribble and oogle at Ryan together (trust me, his Notebook charm has NOT worn off) but its SUCH a sad tale! I really DID expect a love story, someone shoot me and ask WHY I didn't read the synopsis...but I saw Ryan and watched the trailer (which by the way, is NOT very indicative of what the movie's about) and I was sold *blush*.
LOVING this new Nail Paint effect by Barry M...I recommend everyone of you dolls to get it...its SO cool! Can't wait to plaster this baby over just about every colour I own lol.
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I guess as a single black female, and a self-confessed Sucka4Luv, I'm worried about whats out there and getting back in the game. The thought that you could be stuck with someone for the rest of your life as a matter of convenience is not the future I am anticipating living out.
 Sorry for the camera quality and novice-style photography. I leant my camera to my friend **Toy-Toy for her Dental Ball (I did her makeup and styled her hair for it so I will do a BLEURGH on that me thinks) please, go easy on me, I know the megapixels are shyzzer.
Coming from an African family (and you guys are welcome to contradict me if you feel different), I've never really witnessed true, swept-off your feet kinda romance in the household. Theres the odd romantic gesture on Valentines' Day and the sneaky cheeky stare from across the room when couples share a joke at someone's expense, but other than young newlyweds, most african couples I see seem to remain united cos of their kids. A friend once told me of a couple she knew that the dad had slept on the couch for 15years! Guys....FIFTEEN years?!? Like, whats the point??
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Blue Valentine chronicles, through flashbacks and whatnots, the story of an ageing couple (yes Ryan Gosling is a balding, pot-bellied loser rocking a wife-beater off-white tank for much of the movie) who battle the pressures of broken dreams and a whirlwind romance turned ....nah! No spoilers! LOL But it gives the option at the end that no other love story (apart from 500 Days of Summer which you guys HAVE to see btw) has it a crime to walk away when love fails? Or is it not that the love failed, but was never there to begin with? 

"Gotta be careful that the person you fall in love with is worth it to you" Blue Valentine

My sister (in her pessimist years, before finding the love of her....we'll chill on that one) always threw this theoretic question, "do we ever really fall in love or just grow fonder of the person who's always 'around'?" That question is one that rings in my head everytime I hear of bestfriends hooking up or people breaking up and the girl claiming "I never really liked him you know?". And sadly, that was the one question answered at the end of Blue Valentine.... *sigh*
Its a well known fact (Year of the Husband) that most girls my age spend TOO much of their time planning the perfect wedding with Prince Charming, and our future lives (what I call 'The 25 Plan' but thats another BLEURGH for another day). How then is it possible to just succumb to a Plan B after all that time and effort? BV (yes, I am on fam terms with the movie to abbreviate...don't hate) highlights the main reason...convenience. Girls get comfortable REAL easy, as long as they are getting what they want at that time. Its SO easy to just settle cos they guy's offering you security at a time you are most vulnerable (an issue I highlighted in Love and Other Drugs), but that can't seriously work in the longterm. I guess thats the cufuffle that some couples (most espesh, the african ones I spoke about earlier) face now. When the 'love' fades, all thats left is that initial, misinterpreted 'comfort' you better hope that poor boo is cosy enough to snuggle with or that union is gonna reach next levels of discomfort!
Loved Michelle Williams since she starred on Dawson's Creek but all that Goslin-action, and him raving and ranting about her beauty got me all irritated and jealous that I couldn't quite appreciate her performance. I DID love her giddy, lovestruck tapdance though...too CUTE! And OMG guys....the sex scene *covers eyes and blushes*...its A LOT!! Had to watch it 3 show my flatmate ofcourse!
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"I feel like men are more romantic than women. When we get married, we marry like, one girl. 'cause we're resistant the whole way until we meet that one girl and we think "I'd be an idiot if I didn't marry this girl, she's so great!". But it seems like girls get to a place where they just kinda pick the best option..."Oh! He's got a good job". I mean, they spend their whole life looking for Prince Charming and then they marry the guy who's got a good job and is gonna stick around." 
Blue Valentine
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