Love and Other Drugs...

Hey dolls! I went to see Love and Other Drugs on Orange Wednesday (well, none of us could activate the orange iPhone app or had an orange sim but you get the point lol) and I have to say, its in my faves RomCom list right behind The Notebook. What a classic? It really got me thinking (along with the million questions daily asking me what I'm doing for Valentines' Day?) about contemporary love and its practical reality.
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I guess when you're younger you have all these lists of things you wanna accomplish and get done, and then you LIVE and reality sets in and steals away your dreams (well, if you let it I guess *shrugs*)! And the sad thing is, on that list is 'The perfect Guy'...oh boy! Reading a lot and just bleurghing with friends has alerted me to a fundamental fact that apparently, at this age (20-25), everyone should have had their heart broken once. Now, the effect of this is what I wanna bleurgh about...
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Its easy to dwell on that ONE person and let it steer your life to a lonely path of destruction, like Jake Gyllenhal in the movie. He'd become a calculated emotionless psychopath, like most of us this age, trying to prove that dating around and having empty, meaningless flings is fulfilling....but we all know the truth *sigh*
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To pull yourself away from that and actually decide to fix yourself in prep of the next one is a hard battle. There is temptation everywhere and tbh, its harder to say no than yes, but hey! On the journey to self-discovery, who said there weren't gonna be any bumps along the way?
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 I guess its laughable that girls spend their entire life waiting and planning for the one, and building every relationship up to this idealised mould. But its lovely to dream isn't it? As the realist I am, I watched the movie in awe. Quite like The Notebook, the characters were relatable...they weren't gushy, lovesick puppies from the start. They doubted, they fell out, and then worked it out. Thats life! You can't sit on your romp and expect Prince Charming to come-a-calling, life awaits and so does love...get up, and get it.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!!"There's a lot I don't understand about life. You meet thousands of people, and then you meet one person and your life is changed" Love & Other Drugs...Xisses