Year of the husband?

(Pardon my look...I know I look demented but my eye seems to be infected atm cos I have a sty in my eye :( Sad times I know, but no biggie...*shrugs*)
Blazer : Littlewoods Direct (Outlet Mall)
Tank top (inner) : H&M
Dress : Primark
Cardigan : Primark
Tights : Marks & Spencers
Boots : USC

Tank top (inner) : Primark
3/4 Length Top : Next
Pinafore Skirt : Primark
Tights : H&M
Shoes : Urban Outfitters

Now? On to the Feature Presentation....

WOW! So, at the start of 2010, some of my friends created this mantra known as "2010 is the year of the husband" and as hilarious as it was at the time, I found it quite daunting. And as the months fly by, I find myself more and more driven to discuss the topic of boyfriends, potential husbands and soulmates. And not that I don't find such rivetting conversations interesting....oh NO! I'm a girl, what more is there to life? *sniggers*...its just that, well, isn't there more out there?
This video is just a bleurgh that I made in my spare time, call me jobless, but it is what it is lol...

But seriously, jokes apart, this issue is actually pretty MAJOR!! I mean, I wasn't actually exaggerating the amount of time we girls spend discussing guys and crap...its like a total FACT! We literally chat about that stuff as much as guys think about sex! YER! THAT major!! lol
And its scary to see girls fall into the trap of just cos you want to be with 'The One', you sacrifice so many preferences and mould this douche in your life to be that guy...that to be quite honest, is just that...A DOUCHE!!
And the saddest thing about it is when chics break up with guys and because of the undeniable connection the two felt in the relationship, fool ourselves into believing you lost 'The One' when you let them go for a reason!
Oh! And don't get me started on the endless quotes we use as reassurance of it like, "If you truly love someone, you'll let them go. If they come back to you, they were always yours." But they forget the quote carries on to say..."if they dont, they never were to begin with".
Its sad! Quite like Jayz's infamous lyric (and the title of Rihanna's breakthrough album)..."once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever". In my opinion, once a good guy's gone bad, he's not necessarily gone forever, but there sure as hell aint NO gurantee (pardon my POOR English with that double negative...but twas necessary, I assure you) that he will come back to YOU!

YeYe says...BLEURGH! Live for the moment and let nature take its course! A year is a year, it need not have a title...Xisses