Live Your Life

I was moved yesterday by a blog post by one of my BLEURGHsessions, Shirley from Meek-n-Mild, about the progress she had made since high school where she was bullied and teased. As you know, I'm a very secretive person with trust issues, and that's because in the past, I also went through quite a similar ordeal. I wasn't as brave as she was to pinpoint the perpetrators to a member of staff (I did tell the Assistant Headteacher who was friendly with my mother) after an issue concerning it, escalated to the point it affected my studies and productivity in class. It went on for long enough until members of my family started to notice changes in my behaviour (unwarranted moodiness and depression- a term my mother was not a fan of) and my mother sat me down to give me one of the most moving talks of my life thus far.
I guess, to say I'm totally over my insecurities would be a lie. I still have 'ugly days', quite like any other girl. But I am a lot stronger coming from that, thanks to the strength and support of good friends and family. Friends were the main issue back then 'cos I didn't have people I could trust and confide in, and the problems got worse and I felt lonelier every day. To come from that to a day when I can point out the people I know will be at my funeral is a beautiful thing, and I'm truly thankful to God for that.
The reason I'm writing this is not to seek sympathy from my readers and subscribers, or to follow Shirley like a shadow, but to highlight the problems Bloggers face atm. We are not machines or immune to criticism. BLEURGH is meant to be a platform for free speech, quite like the aim of the internet in general. But for Anonymous scribers to write hateful comments about me, my looks or my family is just unnecessary.
I'm happy i've genuinely reached a point in my life where scornful words spat out to spite or hurt me, bear no effect on me. What I do feel, is sad and sorry for young bloggers who genuinely wish to share their craft and joys with the world and instead, are faced with bitter online-bullies...just stop! I live my life for me and no one else...if you don't like what you see, please DO NOT READ my BLEURGH or WATCH my Vleurghs...simples!

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Life is like a coin, you can only spend it once, so make the splurge worth it. Xisses