Rite & Wrong Way

Oh Lordie! Pardon me, do not mean to spit thy name in vain but WOW! In Wales atm, visiting my sister who lives here and this place is my haven, as you guys know. She lives just a spit-throw (apologies for the constant mention of spit) from the beach and Pontins and its always great fun coming up here.
Cineworld in Llandudno Junction
Went to see 'The Rite' starring Anthony Hopkins lastnight and OMG....its a MUST SEE! You may think, "oh bloody hell girl, is everything a 'must see'?" but trust me, if you knew the amount of movies I watched in my spare time, compared to the ones I actually bother to share, you'd retract that statement asap. LOL
I guess, in a world ridden with increasingly erotically charged images before watershed, not to mention the pre-occupation the public has with the devil's inherent message in secular music and the overtake of Freemasons *yawn*....Its a relief to see a movie driving at something further than the power of the devil. Raised under a very religious household, with my mother now dedicating her life to serving God as a vicar, I have always had strong religious beliefs. However, like I always say, you believe in things and then reality sets in.
Its so cool how everything is written in both English & Welsh here
At a rather naive point in my life, I could have stood before you and condemned this and that with vigour and pizazz...but I guess as I went through life and the temptations and hurdles that are tossed my way, and those strong beliefs tended to fade and in place, was doubt and proverbs. The Rite is a BEAUT of a movie from its seat-jumping exorcist scenes (I'm no scaredy cat so I didn't flinch once) to its factual depictions of a faithful man's fall from grace. Its a breath of fresh air to be dealt a movie with such strong religious connotations and walk out without confusion or doubt, not feeling spoon-fed either.
Its weird that the more you question, the greater the doubt; and the greater the doubt, the stronger the pull of faith to God is. Don't you ever think about the atheist in doubt, at their lowest point, who still humbles (most probably, subconsciously) themselves to cry out "Oh God!" Like, why though? I guess God works best when our pride is at its lowest and our hunger for His grace, is at its peak.
After the movie, my sister decided to take a drive up THE scariest hill EVER!! At one point, she had to pause at a bend and the way I was blagging that I wasn't shook cos the car was almost rolling back into the bushes and to our death....BOY!! When we got up to the top of Gwaen Ysgor though, it was worth it!! The lights stretch all the way to Liverpool on one side and the port of Chester on the other. What a beaut? But I gotta say, that experience was WAY scarier than the actual movie itself...
Happy Sunday!
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! The radiance of God forever shines within us & is never fully extinguished, so go forth and shine. Xisses