Animal Out The Sack

**Soundtrack of the Minute - Moment 4 Life : Nicki Minaj ft Drake**
It's been a whole week since I last blogged and that's cos I've been busy, busy, busy! Whats changed right? LOL
The weekend just gone was my good friend **Toy's Birthday and twas SO much fun to just leave the Uni stress behind and just let my hair down (well, whats left of it as on Friday, I left my already short crop in the hands of my friend **JABbie and let her have her way with scissors...eek!)...

I am currently infatuated with animal print this season. I've never been a big fan as it nostalgically pulls me back in a time warp to the Spice Girls 'girl power' era where, due to my race, I was always forced to be Scary Spice *shivers*
But nothing seemed more fitting for the night of NO INHIBITIONS than a leopard print attire. I wanted to be free and as crazy as I'd never been... so I set out on a mission (just like last year's 'The One'...funny how its always for **Toy's birthday that I mercilessly hunt) to find the perfect dress...
 I was so open minded! Tried on strapless, mesh chests, assymetric...THE WORKS...and still nada! ZILCH! Then pazam...I walked into H&M and instantly fell in love with the leather strapless corset and my eyes met a graphic-leopard print skirt, and the rest was a match made in retail heaven (i have SERIOUS issues LOL)
Clockwise From Top Left : Strapless - BANK | Assymetric : BANK | Longsleeve : BANK 
Assymetric : Miss Selfridge | Ruffle Shoulder : BANK | Strapless (converted from a mesh chest) : H&M
 I really liked my makeup...if I can say that without sounding conceited or too vain *blush*...I did a gold and bronze with charcoal black smokey eye *dribble*...really trying to experiment with my face and learning contouring so stay tuned :)
 Leather Corset : H&M | Graphic Leopard Print Skirt : H&M
Arm Candy : Miss Selfridge / Guess | Peeptoe Boots : Barratts | Patent Snakeskin Clutch : **JABbie's
Jacket : ZARA (not actually leather but viscose)

Onyxsta says...BLEURGH! The cat's out the bag so what's the point keeping the animal caged? Quit being a sheep and own up to being your own shepherd...embrace the leopard. Xisses