"Remember those walls I built? Well, baby, they're tumbling down. They didn't even put up a fight, they didnt even make a sound" Halo - Beyonce

I've been overcome with uncontrollable emotion lately...its unexplainable. I guess when you're an emotional retard like me, who finds it HARD to share whats truly wrong (although if you're close enough, I'll let you in that there IS something wrong)...dealing with things becomes a chore. I've become some sort of expert at compressing my emotions until they bubble to the top and instead of silkily frothing, they volcanically erupt with a fiery lava of rage or tears...
Scarf : H&M (£3 on Sale) | Oversize Shrug : Lipsy (eBay) | Dress : H&M | Leggings : Promod (Milan Store)
Wellies : HUNTER (21st Birthday Present from *Tee)
Coat : Bershka | Bag : Berhska (Milan)
The regular human would adhere to the infamous proverb, "a problem shared is a problem halved" and divulge their innermost thoughts over some Cookie Dough icecream with their BFFs. Nope, not me. I Vleurgh/ write it down until I can *sigh*
Head Candy : Miss Selfridge | Military Waistcoat : Republic | Jumper : H&M | Leggings : Primark
Wellies : HUNTER
Shearling Aviator Jacket : Vero Moda | Snood : Primark | Mock-Croc Messenger Bag : Bershka (Milan)

Yup...my emotions are  a hobo...no true home. To me, housing them means not only placing trust in people that are fallible (face it, only God is perfect), but sharing a part of me...my heart...my personality. Placing my feelings under the shelter of a communal home (friendship) means fully signing that contract binding both parties, failure or breach = liaibility ("lawyer'd"). And from bad friendships in the past, I know that damages are not always paid upfront and the injured party (me) goes on...burnt.
 Waterfall Blazer : Primark | Mock Croc Messenger Bag : Bershka (Milan) | Tie-Dye Leggings : H&M
Boots (rolled down) : Barratts
 Snood : Primark | Fingerless Gloves (covert to mitten option) : Dorothy Perkins (£7 OneDay Sale)
At the end of the day, no man is an island. And no matter how long I've longed for something, when I finally get it...I feel ill-prepared to deal with it. The only way to feel fully prep'd I guess is to allow others to be my balance...a tripod isnt one without 3 legs right? What I decided from this morning was to welcome change with open arms...retrace my footsteps to my New Years' Resolution...become more 'open'. 
Jacket : ZARA | Oversize Shrug : Lipsy (eBay) | Turtleneck : Primark | Skirt : H&M 
Lycra Tights : Primark | Boots : Allders
Scarf : Primark | Messenger Bag : Bershka (Milan) | Fingerless Gloves : Dorothy Perkins

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