One foot in the future...

There was this old BBC TV Show - One foot in the grave- that I never actually watched, but the title always stuck in my head!! Well, this week has kinda been like that for me...I haven't had a day to myself since I got in from Manchie to London!
RARE RECRUITMENT : Talk on 'How to get a 1st in Law'
Blazer : Vintage (Mummy's closet...remember?)
Belt : Macy's
Waterfall Cardigan : H&M
Tanktop : H&M
Pegleg Trousers : ASOS
Flats : Primark
Arm Candy : Warehouse
The talk was SO inspiring! The speaker's name was Deji, a graduate from Warwick and he was immensely entertaining - a real shocker considering the amount of boring talks I have attended in my life...*yawn* Fair enough revision techniques and mental capacities vary depending on the individual, but there were so many universally helpful tips given, that I'd previously overlooked. I defo recommend attending this talk to you guys...x
Blazer : NEXT (Got this from my sis for my 15th birthday & this was my 1st time wearing it!)
Batwing top : Primark
Skirt : Welsh Boutique
Flats : Primark
OMG! By far THE best legal experience I've had thus far!! I absolutely LOVED it! The Legal Dept is situated through the doors of Fabulous Magazine (their weekend fashion and lifestyle supplement) and on Mondays, they pull looks!! So twas SO much fun getting outfit ideas and seeing Spring trends dotted around the office everytime I took a coffee or pee break!! But the actual legal bit was to die for!! I handled SO many cases from the get-go, and my mentor took an immediate liking to me, offering me valuable advice here and there...He let me read confidential entertainment files, asking me to disect the information and extract only the legally valuable information from it. This is a skill I had not practically applied before, and found it hard at first, but it wasn't too long till I rose to the challenge. By the end of the day, I was helping him draft up advice letters and client emails to Media Solicitors and celebrity representatives.
Jacket : ZARA
Dress : New Look
Leggings : H&M
Knee-High Boots : USC
Arm Candy : H&M
OMG!! This day was NOT funny...I was a twit-freak cos I was just SO pissed off how many things I had to do, how many buses I had to jump on and off of, and how many detours I had to take in order to reach my end result!! The thought of it makes me want to cry :(
Waterfall Blazer : Primark
Top : NEXT
Skirt : Primark
Arm Candy : Bromley Boutique
Neck Candy : Wallis
I literally had an hour break in between getting home, having lunch, getting dressed and being on my way again...what a day!! And then I got lost...BLEURGH!! But the actual talk was BEAUTIFUL! Baroness Scotland was the first FEMALE QC in over 700 years and the first ever Black, female Attorney General. Not only that, but being the 10th in a family of 12, she went on to have her own family! What an inspiration! And the most phenomenal message I left with is never to be proud! She was SO humble, owing all her achievements to God (working his will through her)...I mean, WOW!
Here are a few words I fell in love with from her speech :
"We are all role models!"
"Don't wait for someone else to fix an issue you spotted"
"If you want motivation to carry on, just think, 'Jesus never gave up on me so why give up now?'"
"Nothing I have accomplished is by my will, but HIS will through me"
Waterfall Cardigan : H&M
Neck Candy : Gift (Brother from Dubai)
Top : Croydon Boutique
Skirt : Vero Moda
Flats : Primark
AHH! I got invited to return next Summer-after I've completed my degree! What great news right? I am absolutely in LOVE with Media Law...I just have to get the grades now and I should be set, in Jesus name! Today was SO cool, I got to work on great cases like a George Michael harassment plea from The Sun's paparazzo and I found out George's real name is Georgios K Panayiotou!! NO WAY!
And then my mentor went to have lunch with Frank Lampard & David Beckham's lawyer...i literally DIED when I answered the phone!
Blazer : NEXT
Dress (actually a skirt) : MK One
Sleeveless Cardigan : Republic
Belt : Macy's
Flats : Primark
Attended an early service where after Gospel readings and a few hymns, we processed through the streets of Selsdon, in Jesus' (a man dressed in white robes & sandals, carrying a HUGE wooden cross) tow. Beautiful service :)
My sis is back!! And she really likes BLEURGH and wanted to be included (bless her) here goes.............
Cardigan : Pull & Bear
Dress : Chilli Pepper
Leggings : Ethel Austin
Booties : George
So now you see what a hectic week I've had! And proudly, its all career and future related, no rest for the wicked and all. But the talks, work experience and general week has taught me to push myself in pursuit of personal success, with some spiritual, social and familial support 'cos NO MAN's AN ISLAND!! Baroness Scotland, Mr Watford and even Deji drew emphasis on can't do it on your own, whether its motivation or congratulation, a 2nd voice is always helpful :)

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! In the race of life, don't forget your fans and contenders, the people around you are as important to the race as the running itself. Xisses