Out of comfort zone...


Top : Primark
Leggings (Tie-Dye) : TK Maxx
Bag : DKNY (18th Birthday pressie from my 8-Ballers)
Flats : Dorothy Perkins

Jacket : ZARA
T-Shirt : Primark (Men's Wear)
Tights : Marks & Spencers
Flats : Bay
Bag : DKNY (House of Fraser-18th Birthday present)

Blazer : Laura Ashley (Christmas present from my sis)
Top (dress tucked in) : H&M
Skirt : Topshop
Leggings : Primark
Flats : Welsh Boutique

Me, YaYa & my other fave whore (not insulting, but as stated before, a term of endearment) were sick and tired of the same old surroundings and decided to take a roadtrip to Birmingham for the weekend. Plans were very much last minute, but after we rented a hotel, and found our outfits, we were pretty much set to let our hair down and go wild!!

Dress : Topshop (Maternity Wear)
Heels : Michael Kors

Dress : Urban Outfitters
Heels : Miss Selfridge

The night out was fun and we were more than care-free. YaYa learned a valuable lesson, "Its not what you know, its WHO you know" lol... The change of scene defo did us some good, I think. Twas nice to be ourselves in a different crowd and still know we had fun :)

My last post was well received by some readers and I love our dedication on my 8-Baller, Lolli's new blog (Check it out : http://lollihearts.tumblr.com/). So much so that for over a week I've been tossed into the lions' den of a million more 'husband' conversations. Some tear-jerking and some, just straight HILARIOUS!!
Growing up in Nigeria, I was brought up with a strict moral compass and an even stricter cultural foundation so my checklist, beyond the aesthetics, is pretty streamlined enough as it is. So I was more than choking to death when my friend
**Marble-Cake skype-called me & spoke of a friend whose mother told her to "marry a white man! Cos black men are straight trifling"
Really? She then went on to Urban-dictionary define the meaning of 'trifling' and quote statistics on the percentage of good black men left after the homosexual, incarcerated, jobless, etc boxes were ticked...and trust me, we aren't left with much!!
I almost DIED!!
She then went on to state this awesome fact...
"Other ethnic men at this age are looking to establish themselves in the world, while black men are just looking to establish their 'name on road'" and its SO true!! What is their fascination with thus said 'road'?? Grow up!! It makes me sick to see a man with potential just throw it away to fit in with non-achieving, mum's-income scrounging, good-for-nothings!! I wanna give each one a reality SLAP on the face (one reason being cos I have a genuine, un-diagnosed anger problem and this will be an avenue of stress-relief for me...and another reason being cos each one of these dossers need one!!)...cos if life does, it will be far more painful.

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!! Take driving lessons, buy yourself a vehicle and drive the hell away from that flipping status-defining road!!