Embrace your inner child!

So today was a rather chilled day in my books. The funny thing is I'm forever tired when I'm at work, but as soon as I'm done...the energy returns...BLEURGH!
Anyways...so today I was reading back on YaYa's last blog - she's currently doing some ISH so will be MIA until later tonight :( - and thought back to what I did as a kid. I grew up in Naij (Translation: Nigeria) and I had the tomboy edge but with the girly bits lol...I played basketball with my brothers, hated dresses and still have a fear of earrings (even with my secret 2nd hole...shh!)
Then it hit me...ARCHIE's COMICS!! I LOVED them...GOSH they were the ISH!

**Betty vs Veronica - ARCHIE's COMICS**

Anyhoooo...I was reminiscing on the storyline and thought how unfair it was that rich Veronica always got Archie without trying, and Betty was persistent to no avail (she was poor and was a tomboy). I mean...what kind of message are they feeding little kids?
Only for me to google it (GOOGLE's my bestfriend...food, places, dissing...ANYTHING) and find that in the finale copy, Archie proposed to Veronica NOT Betty!!
Its funny when you think of ONE little thing and your WHOLE day is based on it?? No? No one relates? looool...warrashame (TRANSLATION: what a shame)

So I was indulging in my other guilty pleasure (why I'm putting my-own damn-self on blast like this I will never know) and was watching some good old children's television (Hannah Montana Season 3 to be exact) and I noticed the same message there...she chose Jake over the mediocre guitarist. Hmm

Thinking back...I actually think Veronica was my 1st REAL fashion inspiration. She wore colours (which i LOVE) with risky high fashion pieces, I mean...my chica DOES this dude!


But let me not deceive you into believing that my day was wasted infront of Sidereel....oh no no no! You are QUITE mistaken (*sniggers*)!! I went wardrobe surfing yet again!! This time however, twas in my mothers....AHH!!
Anyone who knows me will testify to just how much I wish blazers suited me :( But they just tend to be bulky around the shoulders and saggy around the body GENERALLY...BLEURGH!! But hey...fashion's all about making things work for you and I was pleased with the results (GOLLIE!! i do love playing dress up)...you will DEFO see me wearing these soon..

Me wearing my mother's blazers...lol

YeYe says...BLEURGH!! Be like Veronica and take a risk!