What is it about you that's different to everyone else?
I've been on a recent journey to self-discovery. I blame the pupillage application season that's thankfully now passed (I'll steer away from ranting about the dire technical flaws of the Pupillage Gateway system). I shudder at this, but years listening to my father break down Maslow's hierarchy of needs finally kicked into effect. I guess when you're forced to summarise your life's work into one measly box, there's nothing else to do but dig into the pits of your psyche and trawl through what it is you actually DO with your time? They might as well just have hacked into twitter timeline, but that's aside the point.
Shirt : ZARA|Leather Leggings : Bershka|Wedges : Primark|Bag : Longchamp

I recently met with my mentor whose question "so what are your interests?" had me stumped for a good...well...for the duration of our lunch together. I was blown, and in retrospect I can't see why? It's blindingly obvious to you guys, my friends, my twitter followers and just about anyone who spends more than a second with me. I'm obsessed with 'style' (I won't say fashion as I find the fleeting trend culture so vacuous) and the connotations it carries with it. I mean, that's what BLEURGH is all about!
I get asked for a mini-tutorial on my BIY turban'd look so here's one. More to come

I love reading your bleurgh-backs and emails and a reader in the previous post commented "still styling and profiling" (unsure whether that was shade or not...but oh well) and she's right. That's precisely what I love to do! I love sharing life's experiences and depicting that message pictorially through my style for those too bored to chow down the many words in-between. Volunteering as an Olympic Welcomer in Southwark Cathedral, I was fortunate enough to be schooled (and school) on the many stained-glass windows that adorned the Cathedral. One sombre evening between masses, the chaplain schooled me about their purpose; created to depict biblical stories and tales of Saints to the illiterate masses. Majority of the congregation couldn't read so how best to evangelise and preach the message than a painting (a picture says a thousand words).  I am in no way knocking the intellect of my readership, merely indulging in a mild eureka moment and as always, I feel obliged to share!
Pin-pointing your va-va-voom is a hard hustle but I've come up with a few routes to lighten the stress of mapping out your journey to discovery. To some, its blindeningly obvious and well...you can just carry on with your lives thanks. LOL! For others who spend most of their time with their heads buried in books in hot pursuit of their chosen profession, this question in an interview/ application form/ first date will have your eyeballs hitting the ceiling and your cuticles cursing you for biting them to death. So here goes:
  1. Ask someone close to you – this is the EASIEST way and it literally took my brother a second to respond. Those closest to you can read you like a book and see what you spend hours doing (even if you're in denial).
  2. Map it out on a timeline – be honest with yourself. If you haven't done X in the last 6months then it probably isn't an 'interest' of yours. That applies to all the avid 'dancers' out there...breaking it down in the club on a near fortnightly basis does NOT count! Lol
  3. State and relate – state what the interest is and relate it to a particular occurrence. For example, I write a blog and my passion for writing enabled me to gain a journalist position at X. The same way you can't stand a dude that says he's dependable but fails to promptly reply to iMessages, is the same way vacant statements without any basis will fall on deaf ears. BACK IT UP! 
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! You may be a pest enroute to discovery of your life's true zest. Xisses
UPDATE: This look was featured as 'Editor's Pick' on the Daily Mail for 3 days straight!