Worth its Weight in Gold

I LOL'd my way to the bank when I read this.  I didn't see him complaining when he wifed her at 16 LOL! The whole thing got me thinking though, especially after all the posts I'd been reading from 'Black Girls Are Easy'. It became clear to me that there was a vacuum of morality among the youth of nowadays. Girls spend endless hours in the gym just to sluttily proudly flaunt their toned half-naked bodies on social networking sites in a bid to woo thirsty guys. I am baffled. What happened to decorum? Where did value go?
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We're plagued by the disease of Hoeism and it seems ever more prevalent amongst our youth (its bound to get worse with the summer sun peaking above the clouds...*cringe*) I blame the flood of half-naked celebrity images promulgated in the media. Girls now look up to the Nicki Minaj's, video vixens and Riri's of the globe as aspirations of what a 'bad b*tch' should be. Excuse me while I grab a barf bag. This is in no way a post dedicated to knocking those said ladies' hustles. I respect a good grind, and they clearly worked with what they had to reach the top of their game. I wasn't in the room as Riri auditioned for Jigga, neither was I there in the studio as Weezy spun Nicki's mixtape. In fact, I have no interest in that aspect of things. What I have qualms with is their lack of emphasis on the hardwork they put in to becoming who they are today. All they seem to blast on their instagrams are half-naked images and spliff shots *sigh*
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And you'd think women who had long established their place in the social and media hierarchy would be safe from hoeism? WRONG! Beyonce and Mariah seem to be taking the time to show that motherhood and a double decade long career can't cage their sex appeal. Why is this an issue for women? I don't see JayZ flaunting his bare midriff stating fatherhood hasn't bar'd him from hours pumping lbs. Why is this sexual standard so ill-balanced? And why aren't public figures playing more of a part to eradicate this 'pressure' on young women to be sexy and not much else? I miss the good ol' days of a woman priding herself in her talents and looking down on those that solely depended on their looks to get ahead. I miss the era of the radical suffragettes who stopped at nothing in their fight for equality and independence from the chains of socially defined 'femininity'. Now it seems women WANT to be bandaged by the corsets of patriarchy while blasting 'S&M' at full volume.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! Take pride in your talent 'cos its worth its weight in gold. Beauty and a hot bod will eventually wither away as you grow old