Dirty Laundry

The lyrics to Dirty Laundry evoked all sorts of emotions in me; rage, empathy, passion, drive. Never would you look at this independent woman and put her in the battered survivor category. Then again, whats a victim supposed to look like exactly?
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I was speaking to a friend recently when this thought shot me, "you just never know". Every woman (or person even) has their demons that they're dealing with and coming on the scene summing them up by the shoes they're rocking or the bag they're toting by no means is a conclusive enough analysis of who they truly are. I know firsthand of a young girl who was in an abusive relationship but you couldn't guess from a mile off at the endless parties she PR'd for or the gorgeous makeup she used to shade away the bruises he'd caused. I know not why she remained with him that long, but that's just evidence of how you can't judge a book by its cover.
 Another BIY scarf tutorial for you guys. This one's more of a headband style
I'm commended time & time again about my demeanour and the confidence I carry myself with but don't be fooled. To think I just woke up and became the woman I am today would be the biggest joke. I crawled my way here and i'm sure Kelly Rowland probably feels the same. We are women and we have overcome the pains of bad relationships, periods, rejections, frenemies and all else in-between. That makes us warriors in our own right, but you must be careful not to sum up another's battle or diminish the weapon with which they choose to fight.
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Kelly looks like she got it together....down pat! I questioned it when she went under the knife (I am very much anti-'under the knife' but to each their own) but the lyrics to this song are on a whole other level. Yes, she has A-List BFFs and she seems super comfortable with her sexuality (a bit TOO comfortable these days) but here we are seeing a glimpse into her struggle as a woman. I see this as an anthem far more powerful than the barrenness of any of Queen Bey's 'Girls' or 'Single Ladies'. This is a time that welcomes conversation and begs the questions about the wrapper that cases the real package within every woman. 
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! No one leaves their dirty linen out to dry, so be sensitive and show compassion to those you can't see struggling to just get by. Xisses