Schoolin' Life

I was overwhelmed by the feedback of the previous post, and thought to shed light on an issue that's been queried time and time again. The NEED for education. I grew up in a home with higher degree holding parents. Instilled from a very young age was the idea that in order to achieve great things, one had to put in work from an early stage. "No sweet without sweat" mother says. Myself and my siblings set our sights on the professions, and thus, the only means of achieving success in the professions is via education.
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That's not to say there aren't other means of achieving success. I beg to question whether there are easier ways, as advanced in the previous post; "nothing in life comes easy, and if it does, it sure as hell wont last" (tweaked Mummy's quote a bit, but you get where I'm coming from). I watched Beyonce's 'life is but a dream' documentary a few weeks back, and it struck me just HOW much she had truly achieved, and the sacrifices she had to make to get there.
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This is a lady who I believe (and correct me if i'm wrong) doesn't even have a GED (the American equivalent of a GCSE)! I mean, even Drake had to go back to school to rack up 'em grades to prove his lyrical worth. But here's a woman who has climbed the highest heights without the need for an ounce of academic paper. It's in interviews that you note that she can't intellectually string a profound sentence together, but that voice? Undoubtedly the greatest of our time. But aside from singing her praises, I have a point. Beyonce (and her boo..or mine? We are yet to legally decide who can claim him publicly) and JayZ are living proof that you CAN climb your way to the top without necessarily being academically gifted.
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In the UK, there's growing emphasis and support for Apprenticeship schemes, and while I'm not a huge fan (having worked my ass off to pay extortionate post-graduate education fees) I believe in the idea behind it. Providing OTHER means for those without the means, to work their way to the top. As illustrated in my last post, I don't agree with the restriction this places on lower income institutions to provide apprentice/vocationally driven tuition from an early stage...but hey ho! Books ain't for all! I don't think it right to look any lower at someone because they're not as smart as you (book-worm wise), because who knows where they'll be in the future? Do you boo! Work with what you've got, to get to where you want to be.
Onyxsta says...BLEURGH!! You may or may not need a degree to school life, but regardless, working your way to the top takes perseverance through the strife. Xisses